United States Air Force Musuem

THE UNITED STATES AIR FORCE MUSEUMnear Dayton, Ohio is the oldest and largest military aviation museum in the world. The Museum uses both chronological and subjective layouts to tell the exciting story of aviation development from the days of the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk to the Space Age. Exhibits include over 200 aircraft and missiles, plus family oriented and historically interesting aeronautical displays. Over one and a half million visitors from around the world come to Ohio each year to tour this unique free attraction.

 My Dad is a private pilot and long before Matt and I moved to Ohio this was on his Bucket List! And since we were celebrating my Dads Birthday over Labor Day there could not be a more perfect time!

 This place is so impressive and when you first walk in to the first “gallery/hanger” it will leave you in awe.

 This plane below is the ACTUAL Doolittle plane (Pearl Harbor movie anyone?) and to be standing next to such an impressive piece of history, there are not many words that could describe it!

 We all had a wonderful time and we were so glad we go there when it opened because as we were leaving it was getting crazy which made it hard to see everything the way we wanted to.

 This museum also has a space collection like this one below from Apollo 15!

 During the Cold War exhibit you get to see an actual piece of the Berlin wall, this is just a history lovers dream!

 I loved seeing the small Holocaust gallery that you can see a portion of below, it is more of a memorial to all those who lost their lives.

 On our way back into Columbus we ended such a wonderful day with what else……Jeni’s Ice Cream of course!

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