True Love

Do you ever read something, see something or hear something and a lightbulb goes off in your head? Not an idea lightbulb but that something opens up a light in your heart or mind? I know that is very vague but this song did that for me. I love Pink, I have seen her in concert and I like her marriage. Why? Because she is real, honest and open. There are so many types of marriages out there and something different works for everyone…aint’ that the truth!  When I heard this song below in Kohl’s (weird) I literally stopped and this song spoke to my heart. It was like Pink opened my head and literally took how I feel and put it into words. Now……….. To some this song might be negative but not for me AT ALL. And I can say that Matt would say the exact same thing from his perspective. When I hear this song, it is a love song….it is a love song that is honest and it comes from a really good place. I have told Matt before that the reasons I am so “passionate” in fights or why I get so mad is honestly confirmation that what we have is True Love. If I didn’t care then that is the bad scary place that should alarm you. Take a listen……..

Does this song speak to you? Do you think I am crazy to call this a “True” Love Song?? Now, if only I had written this song first we could cross the “fight over money” off of our list! LOL!


  1. Crystal Clear As Mud
    September 3, 2013 / 5:37 pm

    I absolutely love this song because it's so REAL. You're not crazy to think this is a "true" love song. 😉

  2. Practical Traci
    September 5, 2013 / 8:11 pm

    I agree with you and also love this song. RELATIONSHIPS are WORK! People need to understand that before plunging into one and getting shocked by reality. 🙂

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