Let’s play catch up…..

Hi Friends…..this is me at this moment, on Sunday sitting in my home office trying to play catch up! While I am trying to play catch up I thought we would catch up too!!!! And don’t judge…who wears make-up on Sundays??? Not I said the fly. 

Weight Watchers!

I am still trucking….. about a week ago I hit 23 1/2 pounds lost and I wanted to wait until I have reached 25 pounds to celebrate with you all but then last week happened! Lately, my migraines are out of control and I have to focus on feeling ok instead of my weight. So I gained 1 1/2 back but this week I have really WW friendly meals lined up and I am feeling good about getting on it!

Back to Basics!

Yes, yes…..I still 100% plan to unroll a new blog series out called Back to Basics….getting YOU back in the kitchen, but bare with me. I have been discouraged lately because of not feeling well and at work they had me switch jobs with a co-worker of mine so I am just trying to stay afloat and learn an entirely different job. When I get home at night all I want to do is collapse, I have literally fallen off the face of the earth because I feel like I am treading water. But this shall pass and things will move forward very quickly, (I hope)

Matt AKA The Hubby!

Matt is still doing amazing with his new position and I could never travel like he does, it amazes me. He is pretty much gone every week M-F, so things are crazy here like always. We try to spend our time on the weekend relaxing and enjoying each others company but we also have to do things around the house and what not. You know how it is……but it is what it is! ha!

Well friends, how are you??? And all you bloggy friends out there I am so behind on everyones blogs, I feel lost and sad! ha, but really I just want to say HELLO to all of you guys out there!!!


  1. Sarah and Chris
    September 15, 2013 / 11:18 pm

    Hope your migraines give you a break. I just bought the new WW Family Style cookbook, I recommend it if you haven't gotten it, lots of yummy recipes to try. Hope things slow down for you at work and you enjoy your new position. Have a great week!

  2. Anonymous
    September 16, 2013 / 1:19 pm

    Good job on the Weight Loss, it shows. That would be a challenge to have to learn yet another new job while having to deal with your migraines. I am getting back on track slowly. First week back at WW weigh -3 lbs. My brother has done the traveling thing for many years now, don't know how he does it either. Thanks for blogging even though you are tired! Have a good week! – Janet

  3. Practical Traci
    September 18, 2013 / 5:27 pm

    Hello! 😀

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