Insidious Chapter 2

Matt and I rented the first Insidious at home a few years back when it came out and we enjoyed it. For me anytime there is a scary movie out that is PG-13 I get SOO excited! Why you ask? I am a baby, I love scary things but I can not deal with the blood and guts… this was perfect!

This movie picks up literally 20 minutes after the first one ends and this ties the two together in a perfectly creepy bow! We loved this one so much more than the first! This movie was smart, I love how the story unfolded and I love how it even left me thinking! There are a few “jumps and bumps” for sure but nothing you can’t handle! Go check it out!!!!!

I will add that we saw this on Friday the 13th and then I had nightmares all night……yes, creepy

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