Sizzlin Summer Slim Down

Ok, first up I have to apologize because ALL summer I have been “loosing” weight NOT “losing weight”. I am officially an idiot, this made me laugh….I am sure everyone has been like say what? I think fast, type fast and I am a poor poor proof-reader. Odd, that I run a blog…huh? Anyhoo….my bad!

Friends can you believe the time has come………not only is Labor Day next weekend but the end of Summer is arriving. This means the end of wearing white and the end of the Sizzlin Summer Slim Down. I will be honest I do not think I did as well as I could have but I also started a new job which threw me off my focus for a bit. (Such an excuse I know)! Now, I know I know……we all have this week and we are ALL going to end strong!
Let me say that this isn’t the end…… family is coming THIS Thursday (YAY) and they leave next Monday and I am just putting this out there…….we are going to eat good and so am I! I realize I might gain 2 pounds or so but I am going to enjoy this Labor Day weekend and re-commit on Tuesday!
I started this challenge at the beginning of Summer at 158 and yes, we have this week….but as of this past Friday I am 152.8….SOO I lost a little over 6 pounds this summer which puts me at 23.2 total lost!
How did you do? Anything is a win in my eyes and should be in yours too! 1 pound, 4 pounds……anything is an accomplishment and I applaud you!

Whats next? I think I am going to start a new series that a friend has inspired me to create……
Back to Basics
I am going to start at the beginning when I first started cooking, I am also going to incorporate WW values and I hope to show you anyone can cook! I was once a beginner and everyone has to start somewhere, those recipes I started with are still in my rotation today!
I will do basics, try to post videos, answer questions and I will give out my favorite recipes for beginners. I am just a home cook with a passion for food and I do live my life “One Meal at a Time’……

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  1. Anonymous
    August 26, 2013 / 3:24 pm

    Good job on what you lost over the summer and 23.2 is great!! You are leading by example for sure. Life is not always about perfection, just doing your best each day.I look forward to your "Back to Basics" blogs.Take Care and enjoy the time with your family. Don't worry about the points. Tuesday will be your restart.

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