Sizzlin Summer Slim Down

Can you believe it is Week 6 already?? Last week I actually lost 2 1/2 pounds BUT sadly 2 of those pounds were ones I had gained about a week ago or so. This weeks “re-lose” actually goes perfect into what I want to talk about this week! I was going to talk about a Slimmer Dessert Make-Over but I think this week I want to talk about forgiving yourself……

I have talked to many of you via email/text/FB and we are ALL battling the same thing……finding our inner encouragement! Last week I saw first hand HOW awful it is to “re-lose” pounds again. I think man I could of lost 2 1/2 pounds and been that much closer to our Summer goal but I didn’t. I am not perfect, you are not perfect and we are ALL a work in progress! One of the hardest parts of losing weight I have found is disapointment. We can try our best ALL week and then not lose or in my case I can blow it on junk food one week BUT we all have to shake it off and jump back on.
There are many reasons we might blow a week:
– Emotional eating
– Certain “Times of the month” cause me to fluctuate 2-3 pounds more
– Celebrations, Holidays and Birthdays
– Feeling sick; for me when I have a migraine I can’t let myself get hungry…I have to eat more to combat the nausea.
– Spouses; all our spouses mean well but when they “suggest” popcorn/candy/etc the chances are great that we will join in.

So I think the biggest thing we can ALL learn, myself included is to jump back on it and re-commit! Are you with me?
I have a few recipes I have come across in the past weeks that I loved or are going to try that I want to share with you all……….

* “Creamy” Penne Pasta using Greek Yogurt you can see HERE! This is on my list to make!

* Naked Bruschetta Turkey Burger is Matt and I’s dinner tonight! You can see the recipe HERE!

* This Roasted Peach Parfait is going to be my breakfast for a few days! But I will substitute the honey for low fat Agave Nectar! The recipe is HERE!

* Lemon Dill Chicken HERE! Dill is one of my favorite Summer herbs so this looks delish!

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