Is a movie still a movie without popcorn? For us it seems to be popcorn and some sort of sour gummy! I usually eat my portion of the popcorn first before Matt ruins it will “Nacho cheese flavoring” bleh! This past weekend I wasn’t feeling well from migraines AGAIN (whats new?) so we rented a movie on Friday night and went to see a matinee Saturday! Thats the great thing about movies, for the most part they are relaxing! The movies? Completely opposite! ha

 We saw Elysium with Matt Damon and this was a movie we have been looking forward to for awhile now since we first saw the trailer. We love us some action and throw in some Sci-fi twists and you have “Total Recall meets Terminator” or Elysium! Matt Damon was great, I almost forgot how likable he is and oddly perfect for this role. This is set in 2145 and I loved the premise of the powerful and rich fleeing Earth to a fancy-sort-of-space-station! This was intriguing, action packed and had us on our toes the whole time! Super fun movie!

We also rented The Place Beyond the Pines which I remember getting a lot of “accolades” from movie peeps. Hmm…..This movie was good, it really made you think and this movie came full circle. The theme is Dads and Sons…..how differently you can turn out and who you become based on your own Dad. It basically had 3 acts and was almost 3 hours long, just when you thought it was over another act started. You do not even meet Bradley Coopers character until the 2nd act about 1 hour 15 minutes in. The acting was all very good, just like Ryan Goslings abs! haha! But this didn’t have much of a climax for me, this was a drama that told a story. Plain and Simple….I say rent it for sure but we are glad we didn’t see it in the theater.
Have you guys seen either of these???

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