Today is a VERY exciting day……Mom, Dad and Marissa will be on their way tomorrow to come spend Labor Day weekend with us! It is also extra special because today ismy Dad’s 60th Birthday. (Sorry for the age reveal Dad) Isn’t it weird how we don’t see age when we see our parents? Dad is Dad and to think that he actually ages is absurd! ha! Matt and I are SOO excited that for Dad’s Birthday present we are crossing off one of his top 5 “Bucket List” desires! We are taking a day trip Saturday to Dayton, Ohio to visit the National Museum of the US Air Force. My Dad is a private pilot and many of my memories are flying with Dad in his plane to visit fun places in Oklahoma. So being able to share in this experience with Dad fills my heart with so much joy.

 Isn’t it funny how Dad’s are the tough ones, the person in your life who should know how to do everything and even be able to guide you thru anything via the phone? I talk to my Mom and in a way I always feel like I am talking to Dad too since I know everything they are doing……BUT……it isn’t the same. I need to remember to call Dad more, just Dad. I miss him just as much as Mom and I hope he always knows that.

Being 18 hours away gives me a lot to miss back home. I miss………. Thunder Games with Dad, the Thunder is a love we all share and to me it is the essence of the 4 of us above. I miss running to the car in 30′ temperatures because we didn’t want to carry our coat into the game, I miss screaming until we can’t anymore and I miss seeing the joy of the game on my Dads face! NOW……true, we can always go to a game when we visit the family in Oklahoma but I miss the weekly games and dinners shared with my Mom and Dad. I may not say it enough but I love my Dad and I hope he has the happiest of Birthdays!

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  1. Anonymous
    August 28, 2013 / 5:17 pm

    I will miss you blogging over the weekend but, I know it will be well spent with your family! So excited for you. :)Hope your day has a special day today.That is great about doing something off his bucket list. So sweet of y'all. Janet

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