The Conjuring

This past weekend Matt and I went to see The Conjuring, I have been wanting to see this for sometime!  It’s true, I don’t watch Horror movies but that is because of the torture and gore NOT because I get too scared! So movies about hauntings are right up my “Haunted Hobby” alley! This movie is true and is based on Ed and Loraine Warren case files. And yes, I do believe and I believe this story is based on truth. It’s what I think…….I could go on and on about them, since I am interested in haunted things….but I will spare you. You can check out the Warrens actual website HERE!

I have actually read one of the books written by the Warrens so some of this movie was familiar to me, I loved seeing how this movie was really true to who the Warrens are! I will tell you the book I read but don’t judge me…the name is a tad shocking…..but I wanted to read about their lives so I read THIS book!

Both Matt and I really enjoyed this movie, it had the perfect amount of scares! It was hard for the movie to really divulge too much of the back story since the movie was only 2 hours! ha! I jumped, I enjoyed and I was scared. This movie is great, here is the trailer………

To learn more about the real Perron family you can read this article HERE. And this family member also wrote a book about what her and her family had to endure once moving into this awful farm house. You can check out this book HERE!
 Happy Haunted Thursday! hahaha….yes, I am aware that my hobby is weird.

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