Summer Slim Down: Week 2

Lets start by talking about this past week……

I weighed in on Friday and I was down 1 pound which still has me now at 19 pounds lost. So that is 157 for me! This past week was hard with it being a Holiday and eating out more than usual….and I’m sure I am not the only one who feels that way! But this week is a new week and we are going to get down to business! Last week we focused on portion control and this week we are going to add on top of that goal with……

Week Two: PLAN Ahead!

For me this is the MOST important factor in my weight loss. You have to plan ahead for everything, for real. So this week our GOAL is to Plan for everything you eat! Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks! I have planned out my week already today so that you all can have tomorrow to get ready for your week if you want to “eat along side of me”! Are the recipe links working??


Weekday: Everyday I have 2 hard boiled eggs, whites only and 1 whole wheat english muffin with reduced sugar grape jelly. (no butter) Coffee….don’t forget your coffee with ONLY 1tsp sugar and fat free creamer. I always have 2 mugs of coffee at work also because it helps me with hunger in the morning!

Weekend: One day I will make Matt and I a favorite of ours…..WW French Toast you can find HERE!


Morning: 10 am snack is 1 large apple, and if you need more a WW string cheese only 1 point.

Afternoon: 1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese and 1/4 cup 100% juice mandarin oranges


You know me and you know I have to have a dessert a few times a week so this week it will be low fat rice crispy treats which are so good! The recipe is HERE!


Sun – WW Cheesy Chicken Shells HERE (I am going to omit the chicken on mine) I will have broccoli as a side with mine and take the leftovers as my Monday lunch.

Mon- Fish and veggie night, I am using my new steam ware from Sur La Table HERE to cook but you easily use a foil packet too like this SkinnyTaste recipe HERE!

Tues- Portobello Burger night! These bad boys are HERE!! And you can cook regular burgers for your family or choose a light turkey as a substitute with a little more calories! And I will have melon as a side

Wed- Pad Thai night! I love this and this is a HUGE go-to for me and the leftovers are the best for work! I made mine vegetarian but you can easily add chicken or shrimp! The recipe is HERE!

Thurs- I have this night open, I might have a frozen meal or leftovers depending on how I am feeling.

Fri- This will be the 1 night Matt and I will eat out. Try to only eat out once a week!

Sat- Asian night at the Savage household with Sesame chicken tenders, these are great and Matt loved these too! The recipe is HERE!


I will take leftovers, a weight loss frozen meal or a new go-to of mine BLT’s which are soo easy! The BLT recipe is HERE! And I am going to eat mine with some Special K cracker chips!

I hope this is helpful for everyone! I would love to hear if you cooked along with me. 

And a reminder…….


Do you have a blog? Even if you don’t… do you have a weight loss story that you want to share with my readers? I would love to hear it and post your story during these 10 weeks! All you have to do is email me ( in your email…..give me a picture (any pic will do) tell us about yourself and anything you would like to share! I will then post 1 story a week! DO IT! (lol) Be sure to let me know if I can post your story!

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    Great plan for the week. Thanks.

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