Sizzlin Summer Slim Down

We just wrapped week 4 and I am going to be honest with you all….I did terrible! I did not put my own tips into practice! I didn’t even ruin the week on one good meal but instead crap I nibbled on all week! I never “hoover” chocolate and this week it was insane how much I did!
The good news is that I didn’t gain, I maintained 155 so that is ok…..I am just disappointed in myself! How did you do?

Week 5: Carb Blow Out!
Eating NO carbs is not something I adhere to and neither does the WW plan…… but for me, it’s my biggest struggle! I love all things bread, pasta, pastry and I could go on and on! I am very excited about this week because I need to “real it back in” and cutting out my carbs by 90% will be huge! I am not saying do this every week, just this week and then going forward we can all cut back on carbs from time to time! I still plan on having my low cal English Muffin each morning for breakfast, this week too….what I am suggesting is that this week let’s try our best to eliminate carbs from our diet!
Here are some tips to help us thru:

* No pasta for 1 week then AFTER this week switch all pasta to Whole Wheat! I was against this for SO long but now I don’t mind the wheat pasta at all!

* Switch out lettuce wraps for anything you would normally eat with bread. And then after this week still substitute the bread for lettuce from time to time! Especially if you need to get back on track.

* Veggie sides NOT bread! Monday I have a yummy corn recipe I will be posting, a favorite at my house that I think you all will love! And after this week…..lets all try to have 1-2 days TOPS for the whole week where we have a carb as a side!

Good Luck Friends! Let’s kick Week 5 off with a bang!!!!!

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  1. Amy
    July 29, 2013 / 1:24 pm

    Good job maintaining! I think the hardest part about adopting a life style change are the weeks when you don't do as well as you had liked. You're doing great though! Keep it up! I too love carbs, but I am sensitive to gluten which means, little to no carbs ever. So now I enjoy gluten free carbs. You still have to keep them in check, but they are very healthy alternative and a guilt free way to eat the carbs you love. I started eating almost 100% gluten free a few weeks ago and I have consistantly lost each week. It might be a good alternative to totally carb free. Just a suggestion. My husband has been doing carb free for almost a year and he has lost a lot of weight on the Paleo diet. Thanks for all your tips and tricks on losing. They're great!

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