Sizzlin Summer Slim Down

Can you believe it is Week 4 already??? Time only seems to be flying when I sit down to write these posts but M-F/ 8-5 seems to be going very sloooow! ha!
Let’s talk Week 3: I didn’t even loose enough to share, but I planned for that. Last week (week 2) I lost 2 so the fact that this week I maintained the loss is good enough for me! So…..Going into our 4th week I have lost 3 pounds since starting this journey, which still has me at 21 total lost since Jan! I’ll take it…….and after talking to a few of you….remember don’t get discouraged! True, I wanted to see a loss this week….I tried really hard but I have to remember that not gaining is a win!
How did you do?? Did you cook anything I did? Have you been participating in the challenges? I would love to hear from you!
And also reminder if you would love to share your weight loss story, plans, ideas anything with all of us email me at and send a picture too!

Ok OK……..

Week 4: Breakfast Make-Over!
So many people, my husband included do not eat breakfast….which is crazy to me because I wake up hungry! But the facts are the facts skipping that meal or any meal for that fact will NOT help you loose weight! My entire life I ate sugary cereal everyday, indulged in biscuits and gravy and loved to fill up on cinnamon rolls! While I do still eat the occasional cinnamon roll or pancakes…I now realize that is a treat NOT a normal meal! Those items are now something to eat as a “reward” of sorts from time to time! My breakfast make-over has helped me sooo much! So today I am gonna inspire all of us to start our day off right!

Do it, drink those 3 cups that I too have everyday. BUT…..I use 1 teaspoon sugar and FAT FREE 1/2 and 1/2! If you love your coffee light tan and laced with sugar try to scale that back a little each day! Coffee always helps me in the morning at work from 8-9:30ish to kick my morning hunger pains to the curb!
Starbucks? Lattes? These need to only be a “from time to time treat”!!! You can do it! 🙂

MY Breakfast! (I have shared this a lot, but stay with me)
Every single morning since Jan I have 2 hard-boiled eggs (whites only) with Salt and Pepper and 1 whole wheat english muffin toasted with Sugar Free grape jelly! (no butter and I don’t miss it) I love this breakfast, everyday I think man…this is so yummy! I really do…just picture me eating and saying “nom nom nom”

Matt makes us an egg white omelet (use the cartons of egg whites from the store) I fill mine with spinach and fat free mozzarella! Matt has sausage and cheese in his….so your family doesn’t have to always eat exactly what you do! We have this with 1-2 pieces of toast and jelly!

Breakfast Ideas:
* So these Smart Ones morning Oatmeals are new and SO good! Last week I had this oatmeal one day in place of my english muffin! It was filling and I loved it!

*  I have this as a afternoon snack from time to time but this would also make a great breakfast! 1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese and then 1/4 fruit! Below is fresh peaches but I also love Mandarin Oranges (not in syrup) or melon!

 * Greek Yogurt with a drizzle of Agave Nectar and I use a handful of Special K cereal! This is also an easy portable option!

I hope that maybe I have inspired you to make-over your breakfast! Do you have something you just love to eat?
NOW GUESS WHAT??? I had an idea! Lets use Instagram to motivate us! I would love for ALL of us, anyone who reads this to have a place to inspire others…..instagram……post pictures of your meals, outfits, motivation…anything pertaining to our Slim Down and I checked it out already…….. use this hashtage


I can’t say no one else will post in it also but the chances aren’t too likely! Do it! It will be fun! See you ladies on Instagram!

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