Sizzlin Summer Slim Down: Week 3

Hi!!! How is everyone? I am so excited that I have heard from many of you via here/FB/text and email! It is so nice to have this community of old friends/family/new friends who are on this journey with me! So far we have challenged ourselves to :
1. Watching our portions
2. Planning- planning out everything we eat and being prepared…how did you do?

This week I lost 2 pounds!! Which makes 21 lost overall and I am now 155! I tried really hard this week and I am excited because this shows me I can still loose weight and what I am doing at work is working too! (that was a mouthful, no pun intended) Now, don’t get discouraged if you didn’t loose…..this coming week I will likely loose nothing but maintaining this weight loss is a win for me!

Week 3: NO Fast Food or Pop
I realize this is going to be hard and no one is perfect but eliminating Pop from your diet (even diet) is HUGE! I only drink water, coffee and unsweet tea! And if you drink……it would be best to cut that out of your diet as well. Save up that 1 glass of wine to celebrate at the end of the week! This week will put your practice of planning everything you eat to the test. Yes, it is easier to run thru a drive thru when you are strapped for time but if you plan ahead you can have your meal/snack all planned out for you! I know we can all do this…….I have faith in all of us!

Here is our Week 3 Meal Plans:

*Breakfast ( The same as last week)

Weekday: Everyday I have 2 hard boiled eggs, whites only and 1 whole wheat english muffin with reduced sugar grape jelly. (no butter) Coffee….don’t forget your coffee with ONLY 1tsp sugar and fat free creamer. I always have 2 mugs of coffee at work also because it helps me with hunger in the morning!
Weekend: One day I will make Matt and I a favorite of ours…..WW French Toast you can find HERE

*Snacks (also same as last week)

Morning: 10 am snack is 1 large apple, and if you need more a WW string cheese only 1 point.
Afternoon: 1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese and 1/4 cup 100% juice mandarin oranges


One night I will have this delish WW Oreo cookie milkshake that you can find HERE, I am excited about this….the perfect warm weather treat and it looks to be kid friendly too!

Second, I am having a mexican night and I will make Matt and I this Mexican “unfried” ice cream from Skinny Taste that you can see HERE!


Sun- Mexican Lasagna Roll-Ups you can see the recipe HERE! I will make Matt and I the Pioneer Woman’s homemade salsa to eat with baked tortilla chips, then I will use the salsa in an omelet one day next week too! Her salsa recipe is HERE!

Mon– I am going to have steamed fish with veggies, the same as last week.

Tues- Chicken Meatballs with steamed broccoli which will also be my leftover lunch for about 2 days! I LOVE this recipe….so good! I have adapted it and you can find it sure to “pin” the recipe so you can find it again!

Wed- Eggplant Parm, HERE this is a recipe I have also made a few times, it is easy and really good! I will more than likely have mine with peas! (I love peas and the picsweet individual serving bags are amazing)

Thur- SkinnyTaste coconut shrimp and brown rice! I don’t even like coconut but this is so good! I also made this when my bestie Becky came to visit and she approves! ha! You can see the recipe HERE!

Fri– Matt and I will eat out I am sure…I need to get out and eat at least once!

Sat- Matt will be home so we will grill out chicken breasts as well as grill our asparagus! So we can call this night grill out on the patio night!

* Lunch:

I will have leftovers a few days, then the rest of the week I will either take a WW frozen meal or make my no-bread BLT with Special K chips!

Well guys….. Good Luck, we can do it! I would love to hear from you….comment, email. FB message me….whatever! Happy Weekend!


  1. Sarah and Chris
    July 13, 2013 / 8:31 pm

    Hi Nicole, Congrats on your @!lbs, its such as big deal and accomplishment!! I remember after i got over the 20lb hump I thought wow, i can really do this and it really works! So happy for you with your big accomplishment on your weight loss journey. do you happen to have a WW friendly crockpot recipe for mac and cheese?? if so could you email me, Thanks,Sarah

  2. Becky
    July 15, 2013 / 1:46 am

    i've got the pop part in the bag…but not sure about the fast food. does pizza count?

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