Perfect Summer Side….

To me corn on the cob is like a summer staple and after you grill your corn you will never boil again! I promise! I even have Matt grill extra when he is home so I can cut it off the cob and eat it during the week with my lunch and dinner! Corn itself is basically 0 WW points so all you are adding is butter, so this is a very WW friendly side!

This is hardly a “recipe” but I want to share with you our favorite Summer Side!

 * Start by cleaning up your corn so it is ready to slather on the goodness! I only use maybe 1 teaspoon of unsalted butter per cob but that is completely up to you and your family! I also found this amazing Chipotle corn seasoning at World Market but you can use anything!

* Separate your clean cobs on individual foil, rub on some butter and season! Easy Peasy……..

* Just wrap these bad boys up and pop them on a hot grill! Matt grills them for about 20 minutes while rotating them occasionally! And you can’t really cook them too long, so don’t be tempted to open them up or pull off early!

* When they are done you get this roasted, full of flavor perfect corn on the cob! Trust me, its delish! Matt and I fight over the ones with the most “char”!!! You can then add more butter but to keep my “light” I eat as is!

And by the way….corn is so cheap in the summer so this is waist line and budget friendly which is just a bonus!

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