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So is it called Blog Stalking if they want you to follow them and your like 1 of thousands? HA………..

Ok first off the picture above is of the beautiful girl who runs The Sweetest Thing Blog, named Emily! You can visit her blog, see her stunning hair and awesome outfits HERE!
You know how blog surfing can be…..somehow I found myself on her blog and I fell in love! How is it that 1 girl can look so cute all the time? The way she dresses has inspired me when I pick out my outfits but on a much….much…..smaller scale! Isn’t it fun to find something new? Her blog is about fashion, her husband and much much more! You guys should check her out!
Next Up…….

Next up is Cara from Maskcara which happens to be Allure Magazines beauty blogger of the year! I have never been one to watch make-up or hair tutorials but this girl is great! You might recognize her from Pinterest, her posts are hugely popular …thats how I found her! She is stunning and her “How-to’s” are totally do-able! AND….I actually reached out to her via FB and asked about her skin care routine and she REPLIED!!!!!!!! Here is what she said….



The best thing in the living world is the clarisonic. I swear it took me years to pay the 100 dollar price tag and try it but my skin has never been better. I just use it with any gentle cleanser (like cetifill from walmart) and a good moisturizer (like st. ives timeless) you won’t regret it!
Let me know if you get it!

Fun Huh???? Visit Maskcara HERE!

Do you have something/someone you love online? A favorite “Big Time Blogger”? Hard to pick just one isn’t it???
PS- I have a new blog design coming soon! I am having it designed right now! YAY!

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