Summer Slim Down

Who wants all the deets??


This one is easy you all know I have been on WW since the beginning of January and it is slow but steady…. I have lost 20 pounds! Well this week I gained 2 and I need to re-focus, so this is the perfect new start for me! I have LOVED that so many friends have reached out to me via this blog, FB or email to talk about their own weight loss….. we all struggle with the exact same thing! And I could not have done this without you ALL….your support helps me to jump back on it when I fall off. So I thought lets do this together and we have 10 weeks!


You do not have to be doing WW at all let me say that and you also can follow along anonymously! Starting Monday we have 10 weeks of summer and our goal is 10 pounds in 10 weeks! Our finish line is Labor Day! And you all may have noticed I have never said a perfect number I want to loose….I just want to see how it goes, where I feel good at AND more importantly keep it off. I would rather keep it off, getting there in a healthy way than log huge numbers to just gain again.


Each week I am going to give us all a goal to focus on and I am hoping that each week we all can just add our new goal or challenge on top of the previous weeks! And I have said it so many times on here my body seems to work best by loosing 1-2 pounds one week and then maintaining that the next…..SO….don’t worry if you don’t loose 1 pound per week. And if you only loose 5 pounds in 10 weeks that is a WIN! 

I am going to be posting recipes I find I love, ideas… and struggles with all of you. And feel free to FB me if you want to talk about it or need some support….because I am 100% in the same position as everyone else. Just because I say to do something doesn’t always mean I do it all the time…I am human


Do you have a blog? Even if you don’t… do you have a weight loss story that you want to share with my readers? I would love to hear it and post your story during these 10 weeks! All you have to do is email me ( in your email…..give me a picture (any pic will do) tell us about yourself and anything you would like to share! I will then post 1 story a week! DO IT! (lol)


What we will do:

1. Weigh in. I weight in every friday morning so that way the weekend is behind me and I have all week to focus on Friday.

** My current weight is 158**

2. Find an app that allows you to track food and weight that you like. Or a plain old notebook will work to. I use the **WW app** but there are also a ton out there for free. Get yourself something that will work for you and test it out.

Week One Challenge!
I realize this is 4th of July so actually this first challenge is JUST what I need! Portion Control! This week no matter what you are eating (healthy or not) lets all adjust our portions. I am going to cut down my portions by 1/4. I am going to try to be methodical and really focus on adjusting my portions since mine tend to get out of control! This challenge for me is what I am worst at……this seems to make or break me and I need to get this under control!

We will all be eating out/cooking out/celebrating this week so here are just a few recipes I am making this week if you want to make them yourself!

Dessert: I am gonna make these super easy “Skinny Root Beer Floats” I am a sucker for Root Beer! You can get this recipe HERE

For Lunch this week I am going to make these “Skinny BLT’s” YUmm!!! Here I will take with me an apple, some Special K cracker chips and a snack of cottage cheese!

One night we are going to grill out and make these “Caprese Grilled Chicken” HERE but I will use sliced low fat Mozzerella and probably a salad and asparagus with!

Another night I am making these super fun “Rachael Ray Tilapia Clubs” HERE and if I watch my portion and go extra heavy on the veggies I might even have some fries with these!

Lastly an oldie but a goodie and Matt is actually home ALL week (I know, right?) so I am having him make these bad boys……”Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps” HERE and if your hubby or kids don’t like the lettuce wrap then they can easily have a tortilla!

Ok friends! There is the plan! Feel free to pass around this blog post ….the more the merrier and I might do a give away or two during these 10 weeks! We can do it!


  1. Becky
    June 29, 2013 / 11:52 pm

    I LOVE the logo! And I am IN!

  2. Girl On a Journey
    July 1, 2013 / 1:20 pm

    Count me in! My goal for the week is no fast food. There is a great health food market that does healthy take out. I still won't be cooking at home but, at least it won't be fried and loaded with fat.

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