Memorial Weekend!

This past Memorial weekend we were thrilled to have Matt’s parents come to visit. Jeff has not been here since he helped us move (1 year ago Memorial Day) and my mother-in-law Micki hasn’t been able to visit yet.  Life just gets so busy and for all 4 of us to have 4 days free…..that was the best. I was excited to show them everything we have done with the house!

Matt had to work Friday during the day so I was the lucky one who got to get to pick them up! I took them to a few of my favorite places…..North Market, Jeni’s Ice Cream, German Village and we drove thru the Ohio State campus! It was a great day…..

 Saturday Micki and I did something I do really good…..SHOP! I took her to Easton which is also one of my favorite places and it was fun being able to take her to places we don’t have in Oklahoma.

 Saturday night we headed out to the “Short North” to eat at Marcella’s….yes, the same place we went for my Birthday and YES….it is that good! Jeff and Micki loved it! And that made me so happy….we had happy bellies and full hearts! (ha)

 It is nice to have someone that can actually take a rare picture of both of us! Matt was happy his parents were here to visit and the weekend was perfect! And the weather….amazing! Columbus really put its “best foot forward” that weekend!

 Sunday night we took them to the Easton dine-in theater to see Star Trek in 3d and we all loved it! Go see that movie it rocks!

 Matt gave me a real hard time while I was “planning” their trip and I don’t think he understood that it wasn’t that we “had to” do my “check list” but it was more the fact that I wanted to show them every place we (Matt and I both) love. I wanted them to relax, eat well and take in Columbus. At then end of the weekend Matt finally told me how he loved everything I “planned”. It makes me so happy to know that I made his parents feel at home and that we all enjoyed all 4 days!

 Jeff was so amazing….we did not want them to do anything while they were here but relax BUT….Jeff had other plans………he:
1. cut the dogs nails
2. mowed
3. installed a new dimmer in the kitchen
4. fixed all our electric plugs on the back of the house that didn’t work
5. Fixed our master toilet from running and leaking
6. Showed me what I would need to do in any situation while I am alone and where all the turn off “stuff” is in the basement!
So I will say it again here THANK YOU! I mean, that wasn’t the plan but I can’t describe how helpful that all was to us!

We had a wonderful weekend and all 4 of us were so sad to enter the work week! But maybe this will be a tradition…Memorial Day!


  1. Crystal Clear As Mud
    June 2, 2013 / 9:58 pm

    I'm so glad that you guys had a fun Memorial Day weekend! And by the way, my father-in-law is the exact same way. If David doesn't have a "project" lined up for the two of them to do when they're here…OMG, he's beside himself!

  2. Micki
    June 3, 2013 / 2:32 am

    Yes, it was a weekend to remember. Every single minute was perfect. You were the perfect host and I wouldn't have changed a thing.

  3. Becky
    June 3, 2013 / 11:28 pm

    How awesome for Jeff to help out with so much. That is something my dad would do.

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