WW Recap….

Ok, so last weekend I have no idea what got into me….. but Matt and I threw out any sort of good eating plan for like 2 days. I haven’t actually done such a awful binge like that since January! But I paid for it because Monday morning I had a 2 pound weight gain! EEK! I started this week with 161.4 again and not the 159.4 I was last Friday. This week I tried really hard and I am glad to say I weighed in at 158 this morning. Technically via WW that is a 1.4 pound loss but if you count the weight I had to “re-loose” that is a 3.4 pound loss! I am so stupid sometimes, if I hadn’t gone off the rails then my today would have been an even better day! WW says I have lost 10% of my body weight! So…..ok then!

I have to tell you all that when I fall of the wagon or get discouraged you my friends and family make me want to jump right back on. I love the encouragement I get from everyone and I would not be doing as well without you! So Thank you!

Next week is my first week of work and I have my Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and dinner planned out so I think it could take time to get a new routine together…..hopefully not but we will see how WW translates. Wish me luck!

I have not been doing a great job at posting my WW meals or taking pictures of what I have been eating to share but I thought I would share the links to some of my favorite WW recipes as of late! Trust me they are so good!!!!

* Roasted Red Pepper and Mozzarella stuffed chicken HERE! This was SO good that I am making it again when Matt’s parents come to visit. And like the recipe I served mine with Asparagus!

* Mexican “Un-fried” ice cream from SkinnyTaste HERE!  Just do it!

* My favorite coconut shrimp recipe also from SkinnyTaste! I don’t even like coconut but this is amazing……HERE!

* Skinny no-bake peanut butter pie! I loved this so much see it HERE!

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