Spring in Columbus……

Mom got in to Columbus after midnight last Thursday and she left Monday evening which seemed perfect! Mom loves me to cook for her and I happily cook away! I let Mom pick what she wants to do or see and Friday we spent the day shopping in Easton (My fav place) and then we had a relaxing night at home. I was so glad the Spring weather was perfect so we could eat on the patio while she as here!

 A tradition is Saturday morning Brunch at North Star when I have guests! It is all organic, local and too die for…..hence the Cloud 9 ricotta pancakes! I love this place! The flavors are spot on and……well, it’s good!

 Saturday Mom and I wanted to venture out and find something new to both us of….we went to the Franklin Park Conservatory. You can check out this amazing botanical gardens by clicking HERE!

 The spring exhibit is all about Butterflies………..

 Inside one of the amazing gardens is a tropical paradise filled with Butterflies! It was really very neat and super impressive.

 This park is partly indoor, acres outdoor and even has a cafe! Next time now that I know more about it we will go to the cafe for some grub and find a place to have a picnic!

 Indoor they had “rooms” each with a different theme…. Bonsai, Tropical, Desert, Mountains and Chihuly art inside some of them. 2 of the rooms were off limits because there was 2 weddings going on while we were there!

 This is just one example of the hundreds of Butterflies that were flying around…..it was really neat to see so many different types, sizes and colors!

 After Mom and I worked up our appetite for an afternoon snack we went to one of my favorite places North Market which houses Jeni’s Ice Cream. Jeni’s was on Oprah’s favorite things and yes, it is that good. And yes this line is for Jeni’s and worth every single minute! The ice cream is made fresh with all local ingredients….you can check out their website HERE!

 Mom had Riesling Poached Pear sorbet with lemon and I had the new flavor “Olive Oil, Orange, Saffron with Caramel” and it was SOO GOOD! This ice cream is so rich, flavorful and like nothing else! Trust me and of course I will eat a little some for you!

We had a great time and I was glad my Mom got to spend my Birthday weekend with Matt and I!

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