Movie Monday

 Saturday night Matt and I went to see Iron Man 3, a series we love! I was never a Robert Downey Jr fan until these movies and now I couldn’t imagine anyone else as Iron Man. This movie was fun, funny, action packed and epic. Epic as in the “battle” scenes were crazy explosive. Was this sequel the best of the 3? I am not sure, the others seem so long ago…Matt said this one wasn’t his favorite. If you love these Avengers, Wolverine, X-Men movies than you will love this one too!!

Last week Mom, Matt and I went to see Pain and Gain on my Birthday. Matt and I have been seeing this trailer before movies for a long time so it was on our “Go See” list. And???? Let me break it down for you….
1. This is a completely true story, so hard to believe but it is. Google it.
2. The “real guys” must be beyond flattered that they got Marky Mark and the Rock to play them in a movie. Trust me they weren’t picked because they resemble the real criminals.
3. This movie might make you want to hit the gym. Might being the key word.
This movie was fun, not exactly what I thought it was going to be….. but fun. This is a movie where you are like “OMG, what now? No way”………for real! I think this might be a renter honestly. Did anyone else see this? Thoughts?

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