If you were to ask my husband to share his views on how my mind works one thing he would say is that it is full of random information. He would also say that random things peak my interest and I love sharing random things with people I love. Wether it is a video of baby goats (a personal favorite) or a movie trailer, I am always coming across something that I feel the need to share.
So today’s post is the epitome of random…….these are videos I have came across that I just have to share with you! So give your brain a vacation and enjoy my randomness……..

This video I love because I love Ellen, she is such a good sport! This is just pure fun!
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Ok friends, this made me laugh out loud…..make sure you watch it until the end and you will thank me! I call this…..”My thoughts exactly”……..And I did share this last Friday with you but I love it too much to not include again!

Ok, this one comes with a disclaimer……extremely bad language! I warned you…..
Have you heard on the news about the new sorority girl at Maryland who wrote her “sisters” a profane rant about Greek Week? It is a true story and Funny or Die made this video mocking her. This is her email being read verbatim! And I have to be honest with you…I am pretty impressed, I mean this girl has a witty/razor sharp tongue and her use of profanity seems like a talent!

Michael Shannon Reads the Insane Delta Gamma Sorority Letter from Michael Shannon

Lastly switching gears 100%…… I haven’t been counting the days until The Great Gatsby comes out, it wasn’t on my “must” list until NOW! I have said it over and over the music used in movie trailers is so important and it is my dream job. After watching the latest tailer with amazing music…..I am ALL about this movie! Enjoy…

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