My Favorite Room…

It is so funny that my favorite room in the house is our basement….the finished and unfinished portion. Us Okies don’t have basements so having a whole room devoted to storage is super exciting! And no, an attic is not the same….I never crawled into my hot cramped attic at our old house. And speaking of attics we have one here too but we have never been in it! And yes, after re-reading that sentence I realize how boring my life now is.  Anyhoo…….the basement now also houses remnants from Matt’s district office and I wanted to put some of it to use!

 I have gone thru all (well, almost) of our important documents and filed them away. Since forever we would just throw them in a box and hope we can find what we need so this is a big step for us! I am just trying to make our life easier and build routines that we can fall back on.

 Next to the file cabinet is a few more pieces from the office that I have turned into “my station”! I was so glad Matt brought them down here so I can have a space all my own.

 I use this to hold my gift wrapping stuff, craft supplies and scrapbook projects! I can even use the top as a great place to wrap gifts without dragging everything around the house!

 Here is the front of my area and yup it even has a scentsy on it! I am very proud of myself for getting organized….it really helps me to feel at home and have a sense of accomplishment! HA!

We filled up more of the basement with things from Matt’s office so this space is my next project, just when I think everything is labeled and organized I have to start over!

 This is Matt’s space…..can you tell who is and who isn’t organized?? I will go ahead and clean this up for him too or as much as I can since I have no idea what is what here. And I have said it before when I am down here I get no feelings of being creeped out or anything, my basement feels just like any other room!

What space do you love in your house?

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  1. Becky
    April 10, 2013 / 6:48 pm

    I'm totally jealous of your basement! Ugh! Why can't we have them here in OK? Oh yeah…the water table. Ugh!

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