Thankful Thursday

* I am thankful for all the prayers and positive thoughts everyone has sent my Granddads way. He has been moved to a rehab facility where he will get his antibiotics via IV and physical therapy.

* I am thankful for all of my animals and the love they fill my heart with.

* I am thankful that tomorrow I have a second interview, this job sounds awesome so I am hopeful but trying not to get my expectations too high (see prior posts)

* I am thankful that my friend Becky just boarded a plane and is on her way here! (Sorry if I don’t post as much….follow me on FB and Instagram I am nsavage1027)

* I am thankful that this time next week my Mom and sister are coming to see me for Marissa’s spring break! I love having them here….Mom and I have such a rhythm and I love it.

* I am thankful that yesterday I painted my nails, toes and plucked my eyebrows….I almost feel like a person again!

* I am thankful Matt and the hard work he is putting into his new position. He is just so smart.

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  1. Girl On a Journey
    March 14, 2013 / 12:52 pm

    Love your list! Good luck and prayers your way on this second interview. Enjoy your time with Becky.

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