Movie Monday

Happy Monday to you friends…….back to reality for me….boo! Over the past 10 days I have been beyond spoiled with Becky visiting and then my Mom and Marissa. I think you forget how full your heart can be until you have the people closest to you visit. Now what do you think is something we defiantly did??? Movies of course!!!!
The Friday Becky was here we (Matt too) went to the eat in movies at AMC to see the new Halle Berry thriller The Call. It was very entertaining, non-stop stress from beginning to end… might have lacked a little in the “why?” department but it is what it is. I thought this was very enjoyable and if you don’t see it in the theater be sure to rent it. It was a great “behind the scenes” look at what it takes to be a 911 operator.

 The past Saturday Mom, Marissa, Matt and I went to see the new Gerald Butler action flick and it was great. We loved the action, explosions and crazy story line. Essentially the White House is taken and the president is held hostage and there is only ONE man to save the day! This is a great guys movie, Matt loved it so take your man to see this and you might get brownie points…..or take your girl if she likes action as much as I do!

 Mom, Marissa and I also rented Life of Pi while they were here and we really didn’t know what to expect… we were all pleasantly surprised. This movie is a bit slow but the actual “film” is stunning. This movie wants you to think about life and what God can do for you which is a great message. Yes, this was sad at times but the whole story is just grand. We really enjoyed it. Have you seen it?

So, last week Zero Dark Thirty came out on DVD and I did a review on this back in January you can see it HERE! I love a thinkers-action-movie and this movie was JUST as good the second time. This is really WAY up on my list of all time favorite movies. If you still haven’t seen it…..what are you waiting for???

Check back this week and I will share the rest of Mom and Marissa’s trip here with you all! Have a great day!

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