Cast of my life….

This week I thought I would divulge a little more into the “Cast of my Life” and I won’t be able to do everyone but I think you might enjoying getting to know my family a little more. ALSO….I will be answering any questions you have about me, my life, my anything so leave a comment and ask away!

First up Curtis……..


One of my earliest memories is about my baby brother Curtis. I remember it like it was yesterday my Mom and my 5 year old self were in my parents master bathroom one morning and my Mom asked me what is something I have been wanting really bad……my answer…PANCAKES! That explains so much doesn’t it? HA! But the correct answer was a little brother. So it is true I prayed for a brother so hard it came true……….And there have been many times growing up that my mother reminded me of that wish! 

Growing up we fought like crazy….I am talking full on contact out for blood fighting. But I guess that is what happens when a little sister comes along forcing Curtis and I to share a room. It was so crazy our “mad combat skills”…..did I mention he stabbed me in the eye with a pencil once? And ya, I am sure I deserved it. But when we weren’t out for a kill we were playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with our pizza throwing machine! Isn’t that what little brothers are for? I swear to this day we love a little verbal battle but that is something we will always do and we will always fight with love! This picture below is one of my favorites and the love that Curtis and I both share for our beloved Rusty knows no bounds. 

 Curtis and I are so different but we are also the same in many ways………..we both have big hearts, we both have tender hearts and we both might lack in the patience department a little bit. But other traits my brother possesses is a drive, a drive to get things done. My brother is very smart, he was always so good at school and in fact he got accepted to Optometry School and starts in St. Louis this fall. And I know 110% he will breeze thru. Curtis is also determined, once his mind is set on something it is practically a done deal. One trait Curtis has that we all have is silliness! When I met Matt and he could show his silly side I knew he was going to fit in perfectly with my whole family. My brother is a tough-go getter but when he is with us he doesn’t hesitate to use words and phrases that are only ours. Yup, my family has a pretty big vocabulary of made of words!

My brother graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University, he then put his dreams of medical school on hold to enlist in the Marines where he quickly became an officer. This past fall his time in the military was over after a lengthy deployment and he moved back to Oklahoma City.

You know it is crazy that after so many years of living in California while being at Pendleton that when he moves home I actually moved away. Marissa and I were talking over the Holidays we never thought we would have a family that would be spread out everywhere. But I guess that goes to show you never really know what the future has in store for you. 

One things we all have in common is features……we are all different but the same………

Curtis married his love Jordan just this past November and our small family grew by one! They honeymooned in Germany over the Holidays….how fun! My brother rarely ever smiles in pictures….ever….but since his wedding day you can see a smile across his face in so many pictures. That is something so wonderful to see… I can see that he is happy.


  1. Girl On a Journey
    February 25, 2013 / 9:46 pm

    This is cool. I look forward to learning more about your family. 🙂 Hope Oscar had a good check up today!

  2. Becky
    February 26, 2013 / 12:39 am

    I love this post. What a great idea!

  3. Ashleigh Day
    February 26, 2013 / 12:07 pm

    Awe this is so very sweet!

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