Savage Christmas 2012

 This Christmas different for us, this is the first time we have had to travel for the Holiday as well as leave our animals behind. It was hard, I missed them all week! Shipping gifts was also a first for us and it was such a nightmare that I am not even going to get into everything that happened! Trust me whatever can happen to me……will.

 We flew in to Okc on Sunday and stayed until Friday…..we spent everyday with family and it was very refreshing! It was also hard because I was excited to come “home”, be in my bed and see my animals but that also meant saying goodbye again.

 My family came with us to the Christmas service at Life church with Matt’s family which was amazing having (almost) everyone in one place!

I needed this service, this tradition of going to Life for Christmas……it recharged my heart and my soul….I am thankful we were able to attend and share the night with family.

On Christmas Eve we spent the afternoon and evening with Matt’s family…..I had a wonderful time, it was so nice to spend a day with people I love and miss. We relaxed, saw a movie, had good food and opened presents!

 The newlyweds……..and their “Fur Baby”! How cute huh???

 Micki, my MIL makes every package look so beautiful…..almost to pretty to open! (eh, almost) Did I mention she hand makes all her tags?

 Matt is a happy camper can’t you tell?? He wore this yesterday and the Broncos did so well we will go ahead and call this a lucky jersey I think!

My super comfy sweater is from Old Navy, in fact I think I am going to get a 2nd in another color!

 The Savage ladies……

I hope your Christmas Eve was as special as mine was!

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