Breville Risotto Plus!

So friends, this bad boy is my Christmas present from Matt…..even thought I bought it and he doesn’t really know what it is! HA! This is also my Christmas present to my Mom, she picked it out so I have to give her the credit! What this is….is genius! I am in love………………

This is from Sur La Table (HERE) and this is everything you need to know…………..
Not only will this easy-to-use machine make perfect fluffy rice every time, but it also takes the hassle out of preparing rich and creamy risotto, and can sauté too.
An electronic controller ensures that the temperature is precise throughout the stir-free risotto cycle, while the gently simmering stock agitates the rice grains. The sauté feature means you can also brown mushrooms, onions, meat and more to include in the risotto.

Or use this versatile machine as a 10-cup rice cooker, and the machine turns itself to a “keep warm” setting once the rice is its fluffiest. The included steamer tray lets chefs steam vegetables for a healthier option. The generous four-quart capacity yields 20 cups of cooked rice.

Settings include:
Stir-free risotto setting
Sauté setting
Low/high slow-cook setting
Automatic keep-warm setting
Steam setting

 I used it for the first time last night when I made dinner for Mom and I…….it was so neat! I love it and yes, the risotto was perfect! But I also love that it is a steamer, a small slow cooker and it does SO much more!

If you know someone who loves to cook and be in the kitchen and you are willing to spend a little more on them you really can’t go wrong with this! It’s so funny how excited I can get over a kitchen appliance, but whatever floats our boat huh??

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