1 Star

Mom and I watched a few movies last week while she was here and we all know I am pretty easy to please when it comes to movies. SO, when I say that these 2 movies suck that is saying a lot! First up The Apparition…………

This movie was quick just 1 hour and 22 minutes and honestly I have no idea what even happened. You are basically told nothing…..why is this apparition here? Where did it come from? Why was this movie made? HA! The best thing about this movie is Ashley Greene in her undies and her body is amazing! No lie. If I were you I would wait until this movie is on cable in a few years. bleh.

 Playing for Keeps…………
Oh boy, where do I begin? Maybe with why was Uma Thurman in the movie? And why did they try to pass Jessica Biel off as the same age as the other people she shares this poster with? Dennis Quaid plays a crazy person in the movie with no real purpose to the movie what-so-ever. Gerald Butler coaches his sons soccer team, sleeps with the Moms and when Jessica Biel finds this out oddly she want to get back with him. This movie has no purpose, the story was a mess and I counted down the minutes until it was over. This isn’t funny, it is not romantic and it is not sentimental it is basically nothing. Skip this one please……. 1 star out of 5 and I am being nice.

You haven’t heard me dislike many movies huh? Yup, it takes a lot.

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