Thankful Thursday

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving from the Sizzlin Savage’s to you! I hope today is filled with loved ones, great food and maybe some relaxation! Since this is our first Thanksgiving away I am cooking the whole feast for 2!!! Wish me luck I am doing Turkey, Sweet potato souffle, green bean casserole, stuffing, rolls, pumpkin pie…..yup the whole deal!

On this peaceful Thanksgiving I am thankful for……

* My family and how they make me feel loved
* Matt’s family who makes it so easy to fit into their lives since day one
* My animals, I couldn’t live without them
* Friends who are supportive and know what I am going to say before I even say it.
* I am thankful for Columbus, a city that reminds me of home and I love finding new things that I love each week about this city

And lastly I am thankful for Matt, thankful that we are holding on in tough times and thankful for how Matt can always see the positive in everything even when I can’t!

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