What I’m Loving Wednesday

Since it is October, my favorite month of the whole year I thought I would make this be What I am Loving *Spooky Edition*!! You know it’s so funny that I love all things paranormal but I can’t watch a Horror Movie, the last one I watched was a remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and I have been traumatized ever since. I think these days horror movies are literally so brutal, filled with torture and blood…not for me!!! Anyhoo……..

* Ghost Adventures

Yes, yes….these guys are kinda tools but I LOVE their show. I love that for the first 30minutes we learn the history of the location and find out why it is haunted. I just can’t wait for each episode and I am constantly googling places to see if they are close enough for me to check out. (Matt does think that is weird)

 * The Walking Dead
Do you know that Sunday nights Season 3 premier was the most watched cable show EVER> So I am not the only one into flesh eating zombies! I LOVE this show, I love the story, the actors, the zombies……..each week is so stressful I can’t get enough. Do you watch it?? (Matt loves this show too)

 Here is the “trailer” for this season…..you should start at season 1 and catch up…DO IT!!!

* The Twelve by Justin Cronin
This is a sequel I have been waiting for for over a year, you can find out more about The Passage (Book 1) by clicking HERE to read my review!
I can’t tell you much but the jest is………..Experiment gone bad………..12 “virals” aka gory/blood sucking/vampire/zombies……..fight for the world……can one save it.?!
This is a grown up book….no YA stuff here and it’s a beast (haha) this one is only 570 pages but it is so in depth this will take me a while to finish!! You should check it out!

 * AHS
Finally, my favorite show is BACK. And guess what you don’t need to know anything….each season is  a “stand alone” so you can watch it tonight too. I will say this is a horror, this is creeptastic and very twisted but SO very good! I can not wait!!!!!! Tonight on FX……..

Check out the trailer…………..

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  1. Becky
    October 18, 2012 / 12:09 am

    Ghost Adventures has been really good and I am totally Amp'd about AHS…I cannot wait!

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