Memory Lane

 So, my Mom has been cleaning out her pantry and unearthing like 30 years of “stuff”.  Among all that stuff Mom found some childhood memories that she sent me in a care package! Get excited……

This megaphone as you can tell was from Red Oak Elementary Fall Fest 1990 and it is covered in the signatures of everyone in my class.  And yup, a few of those people are my Facebook friends all these years later! How fun??

 Look at this……this was my first “Baby Shoes” and in my parents hallway hangs a picture of a baby Nicole wearing these shoes! Fun! They were from John A. Brown department store.

 Mom also found this locket with a picture of me, I think I am 2 in this picture! Cheese!

 Here we have a Christmas gift to my Mom and Dad from a 6 year old Nicole! Apparently I have been “Pinteresting” long before everyone else!

 My Mom also found this notebook and in it holds my Elementary Report Cards, School Pictures and who my teacher was every year! And I was never very good at Math, I got my first C in 5th grade! Really, true story! ha

 These are two of the memories Mom also found, my Dance Recital program from when I was 5 years old. The Back to School Style Show newspaper ad was from Dillard’s, my brother and I modeled for Dillard’s growing up!

 This Red Oak Report Card was 1st grade I think! A+ all over the board! But sadly my “performance” was only “Satisfactory” not excellent! HA! I never said school was something I was good at.

 Here is a page from my school book……………. And yes, I am rocking a mega side pony and a blue jean cut off shirt!

 Now here is something really fun!!! This is compliments of my 2nd grade self and what is the funniest is that somethings (other than hair color) never really change! This is my stunning self portrait and yup, I had permed bangs ONLY……that is true, hence the curly bangs…straight hair….then curls again. I was a trend setter! hahaha

 Ok, you can probably read most of these and I have to say “Things I dislike” is my favorite:
1. Mean Boys
2. Being Sick
3. Rude people!
Amen to that.

 Here are my All-Time Favorite things and I have a few observations:
*Yup I was a second grader whose favorite color was Black and still is!
*Noodles are still a top food for me now!
*And it also seems that my magazine addiction started early with “Barbie” Magazine!
* Lastly, I think we all know by now after reading my blog that me saying my “favorite” outfit was “Blue jean jumpers” must have been my mothers doing!

Well guys I hope you enjoyed this silly walk down memory lane as much as I did!! What can I say I like what I like! hahaha


  1. Recently Roached
    October 5, 2012 / 5:13 pm

    These are adorable! I'm so glad your mom kept them all so you could stroll down memory lane. Man, my parents like to get rid of stuff so we don't exactly have a lot of tangible memories :(Those shoes are too cute!

  2. Jodie
    October 8, 2012 / 2:56 pm

    I love going doing memory lane!!! It always puts a smile on my face!!

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