I heart Okc!

Hi Guys! While I was in Okc time seemed to fly by, the time spent with family did not seem long enough by a long shot. Since we have moved to Ohio my little sister has moved into her FIRST apartment…..and would you believe that it is one of the same apartments I lived in when I was at OU! How fun…but her apartment is much much cuter than mine………….

 I mean how cute is this? The rest is just as cute…….her and her room mate like “Shabby Chic”!!!

 I was so excited to be able to visit her apartment, go to lunch with her on Campus and then spend sometime shopping on Campus Corner with my Mom!

On the way home from Norman that day we drove by our old house……it was sad for 2 reasons:

1. I miss Okc and this was our first home, the home he proposed to me in and the home we put blood sweat and tears into!

2. Sadly it looks like the last time the flowers beds were weeded was when we moved, the rose bushes are dead and it looks bad. sad…….

 Saturday during the day we went to spend it with Matt’s family again and we got to watch the newlyweds open their wedding gifts and talk about the wedding night….it was fun! Then we hurried back over to my parents to have dinner with my whole family…………..seesters……..

I miss my sister and my cousin so much…..it is like we moved right when we were our closest! So I wanted to bring them something so they know how special they are to me……Friendship bracelets! (they are from JCrew)

 And here is the 3 of us……….wanna hear something that makes me smile???? Everything my sister has on I gave her from my closet and my cousin Brittany’s top I also bought her from JCrew! It made me smile. (people have asked…..my top is also from JCrew and my necklace is Anthropology)

 Matt and I………..it’s so funny…I have HUGE pupils so sometimes when I de-red-eye it gives me creepy black evil eyes so HENCE the red eyes! And yup, look at those pictures on the mantle….times have changed! And no I am not pregnant I just look fat. I say that because sadly a week ago someone asked me when I was due. Yup, embarrassing……I will call myself “Fat Nicole” like in the movie Pitch Perfect!

 I was SOO excited I got to see my “Pet Siblings”…if you cant tell we LOVE Betsy Ross! We gave her enough kisses to get her by until we see her next! She was in LOVE with Matt but then again who isnt?

 We got to bring home a wedding centerpiece to my parents and my cat-sister-Callie thought they were for her….so we did an impromptu photo shoot! Cheese……….


 Oh Callie…………..my parents found her as a newborn scared and alone on a stormy night in their flower bed……we have loved her everyday for the last 11 years! (right after this picture she slapped me, cranky old maid)

 And here is Gracie giving us her best “Blue Steel” model face……………..

 Sadly this was the only picture I took at the rehearsal dinner……here is my uber cute Brother-in-law Landon and the Bride-to-be Colby! I missed them so much! My dress is Old Navy!

 Guess what? The rehearsal dinner happened to be 2 blocks from my best friend Melissa’s house so I only had like 20minutes but I ran over to surprise her!!!!! And this picture was taken of us by my 4 year old God Daughter Kendall with my IPhone! Isn’t it cute????????? She is so smart!

 And here I am with the girls….Kendall and Madden, I had just enough time to see their new school pictures and get some lovin!!! So glad I was able to stop in!

Have I mentioned I feel like poo today? Bleh…..I am off to try and get rid of this migraine!


  1. Amy
    October 16, 2012 / 6:11 pm

    Glad you had such a good time at home!!! I can't believe someone actually asked you if you were prego…ridiculous!!! You look beautiful (per usual) in all your pics and absolutely do not look pregnant!!! I actually think you look thinner! Hope you feel better soon!!!

  2. Crystal Clear As Mud
    October 16, 2012 / 8:04 pm

    OMG…I think I know what apartment complex your sis lives in because that looks awwwwfully familiar to me too… Love all the pics and the fact that, while it was short, the trip was definitely sweet!

  3. Practical Traci
    October 17, 2012 / 2:22 pm

    So fun! I'm glad that you had a great time in OKC! Come back and see us soon—-

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