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First of all what do you think of that snazzy “working woman” clip art I found? Oh ya, straight out of 1985!!!!
I thought that today I would fill you all in on my current work situation, I don’t talk about it much because I am not happy about things. If you remember in April before the move I left one Oil & Gas company for another company that promised me that when I moved I could take my job with me. We had numerous conversations about what would happen after the move and after I got settled I contacted them and they overnighted me a project. Well a little over 6 weeks ago I was told that the company is out of work “currently” they are waiting on another project to come down the line for the whole company. (Yes, I know this to be true because I know others who work there and it is the same for everyone) SO I am still employed by them and whenever this may be, I will still get a project but not having that salary is something we didn’t plan on. Oil and Gas is a fickle business and this is the nature of the beast….high paying/fast changing.
So I have been sending my resume into other “Landman” companies looking for work. But with me being in a new city it is hard this is also an industry that rides high on “who you know” (the other company said to find other work while we wait) I have posted my resume on Monster and applied to a few jobs here and there. As far as a job in another field from Monster I will be honest with you it is going to be REAL hard to work somewhere for more than likely 1/2 the pay, I got spoiled. I am disappointed in the way things happened with that company I feel a little mislead, I guess things that sound too good to be true most likely are. I just pray everyday that this is the week a project will come down the line.
What am I doing? Oddly, I am super busy. I am sure people think I blog, lay on the couch and have fun everyday but that isn’t the case. I am always busy, still getting our lives together here, cleaning, preparing for my family to come and planning for our visits to Okc in Oct and Nov for family weddings. Without my salary the $1100 it is costing us to fly home is super hard. Yes, that is cheap believe it or not….I think it is because Columbus and Okc are smaller airports or something but for us to fly home for 4 days for each family wedding it is costing us $1100 each time. And no, we do not want to drive 17 hours each way. haha! Matt can’t afford to tack to 2 extra days of traveling and missing work.

So now you all know a little more about what is going on a Casa Savage. Frustrating.


  1. Amy
    September 18, 2012 / 1:57 pm

    That really stinks about your job! I'm so sorry! Praying something opens up for you on this off period or they start having projects come in. Have you thought about going through a temp agency? They might be able to at least lighten the burden by having a little extra cash flow in the mean time.

  2. Sarah and Chris
    September 18, 2012 / 9:39 pm

    Hey Nicole, I had the same issue when I moved to Florida. I worked contract for a oil and gas company out of Ft Worth then had to find something here that was more consistant with work. I would recommend applying for real estate law firms, title companies, and mortgage companies who have jobs in Title. Good luck!Sarah

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