Kelton House

 On Thursday when we found out my Mom would not be flying out until the next day we decided to go take in a little piece of Columbus History! The Kelton house is an original home from 150 years ago owned by the Kelton family, what makes this house even more special is that this was a stop on the Underground Railroad.

 This is an original painting of Mr. and Mrs. Kelton……this home has been preserved perfectly and you can just feel the history as you walk from room to room. When you take a tour you get head phones that give you a wonderful walk thru the history of this home and those who lived in it. This family was touched by the Civil War in more ways than one which set the tone for this families tragic turn.

 Isn’t this stunning? It is so cool to imagine what life was like back then and the hardships they must have faced. Yes, has the home has since been run for electricity and AC! Thank goodness! And yes, this home was also a big and expensive home owned by influential members of Columbus.

Look at this…..This is an actual tub that was used to wash the children usually on Saturday night before Sunday church. And yes, the servants had to walk hot water up from a well into to this basin and all the children used the same water.

 This is a recreation of the slave room which is rumored to have housed many many slaves on the underground railroad. Here is a little about this place from their website….
Initial capital letter M in Duc De Berry typeface.
he Kelton family was sympathetic to the abolitionist cause and assisted fugitive slaves on their road to freedom. The Underground Railroad was a route for runaway slaves from the southern plantations north to freedom in Canada, using the North Star for direction. There was no actual train and it was not underground. Underground Railroad meant people who helped slaves escape to freedom by hiding them in safe houses called “stations.” Runaways were guided by a “conductor,” a friend who knew the area and would help the slaves reach the next station

 Outside the house is a beautiful garden that now holds weddings and events during the year……

 Mom and I! Cheese………..

 It was so beautiful outside ………..peaceful garden in the middle of the city, it was a step back in time.

 Want to hear something neat… 1993 the Junior League of Columbus took over as care takers for this home. So throughout the year JL raises money for the Kelton house and even provides the volunteers that make this piece of history run. That is just one cause the JL of Columbus works with there are many many more….but it is neat for me to be joining this organization with my love of history! This is also the building where the JL holds their monthly general meetings!

To learn more about the Kelton house click HERE! That is it for my family visit posts….I had a wonderful time and they did nothing but fill my heart with love.


  1. JanM ♥
    September 11, 2012 / 5:52 pm

    That place is amazing! I would love to visit it someday!xo,janmloves.blogspot.comI'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested 🙂

  2. Becky
    September 12, 2012 / 2:15 am

    Such a beautiful place! It's nice to see you getting out and I can't wait to hear more about JL. I know that even if you only give them half of what you gave JH, you will be giving them your whole heart!

  3. Ashleigh Nichole
    September 12, 2012 / 3:22 am

    I think my favorite picture in the post is the one you took of the slave room. Its nice to look back & be thankful that life is no longer like that for some. I could not imagine living back in that time I truly do not know that I could be mean to slaves as some was!

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