What I’m Loving Wednesday!

 So today I decided to dedicate WILW to things I love about my new city Columbus! The other day when I posted about being homesick that didn’t mean I don’t think Columbus is awesome…..it just means I wish Columbus was in Oklahoma!!! So here are some things that get me excited!
* Columbus Zoo
Did you know that Columbus has the #1 Zoo in the United States!!! True story, I haven’t gotten to go yet but hopefully very soon…………..
#1 – Columbus Zoo in Columbus, Ohio
While any of the zoos mentioned above are worthy of they respect they have garnered, none have achieved the positive worldwide reputation of the Columbus Zoo, arguably America’s favorite. While the zoo has been open continuously since 1927, its reputation grew to such heights under direction of the amiable Jack Hanna, one the America’s most beloved animal experts. Under Hanna’s guidance, the quality of the Columbus Zoo was elevated considerably, making it what is considered today to be the aspiration of any traditional zoo. Along with over 7,000 animals, the Columbus Zoo has more recently expanded to include a water park, amusement park and golf resort.

 * German Village
This is located right by downtown Columbus and was founded in 1814 when German and Polish immigrants settled here. I love how you can drive/walk thru and know most of the homes are original, how the cobblestone streets used to be used by horses and I love the charm. I am attracted to anything laced with this much history and it doesn’t hurt that it is loaded with great places to eat and visit! You can learn more about it by clicking HERE

 * Easton Town Center
Now, this place was like the mother-ship calling me home……..an indoor/outdoor shopping “Town Center” loaded with amazing restaurants and picturesque landscaping lining the stores. Here you can find H&M, LouisVuitton, Nordstroms, Sur La Table and the list goes on and on!!! I love that this is also only 12minutes from my house! Yay! My sister is going to love this when I take my family here Saturday!

 * Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream
Yup, I am obsessed and I now see why it was one of “Oprah’s Favorite Things”!!! This place has been featured in everything from People magazine to the Food Network magazine and it does NOT disappoint…I love love love it!

 * Mansfield Reformatory
Now, you all know my “freak flag” is my love for ALL things Paranormal and I can not believe that I live only 2 hours away from one of the most haunted places in the US!!!!! This was also where the Shawshank Redemption was filmed which is so cool! This place has been on Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters each producing amazing evidence to back the paranormal claims. This was one of the most violent prisons in all the US with inhumane conditions and hundreds of deaths. This is open for tours and they also host over night Ghost Hunts that fill up over a year ahead…ONE DAY!!! I can’t wait to go visit this place…..the history of it pulls me in!

 * Pistacia Vera
I did a post about this amazing bakery a few weeks ago if you remember how I feel in love. This is located in German Village and has been called one of the best bakeries in the country! This place is so good my mouth is watering as I type!

I hope you all enjoyed my little “Tour of Columbus” and the things I am Loving! What are you loving today?


  1. Becky
    August 29, 2012 / 2:03 pm

    Hey, have they opened up the calendar for next year for Manfield. I say we just pick a date, book a flight and I am THERE! And I expect to see all of these other wonderful places during my visit too.

  2. JanM ♥
    August 29, 2012 / 7:33 pm

    Yes! I totally enjoyed the tour! 🙂 Great pictures!I'm new to your blog and found you on WILW. I'm a new follower!xo,janmloves.blogspot.com

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