Movie Monday…

I have some movie reviews for you on this Monday morning…get excited!!! First, did you all have a good weekend? I did, not all of it was great but it works!!! 

So last weekend Matt and I went to see Total Recall and right off the bat I have to say, I mean everyone in this movie was extremely good looking! No, for real…I spent a lot of the movie thinking “I wish I looked like Kate Beckinsale” OR “I wish I had Jennifer’s body” AND “it’s good to see Collin Ferrel back from his rehab days and looking good.”

Oh, the movie you want to hear about………..Well, this movie was entertaining for sure and this is literally non-stop action…so much so that they kind of left out some of the story I think?! Overall don’t storm your local theater to see this but rent it for sure….it’s a good time!

Here is the trailer……

 This Saturday Matt and I went to see the Bourne Legacy, we loved all the previous Bourne movies. I was also wondering how they would tie this one in since it wasn’t about Jason Bourne anymore?!?! Let me say that if you have never seen the others with Matt Damon then you will have NO idea what is going on at all. Even I had to reach into my brain to remember what “Treadstone” was all about in the last movie.?! The best part about this movie? Jeremy Renner! I love him and I 100% think he is the next (or already is) action star. He was perfect and he made this movie great! Oddly, I felt that this movie ended during a climax so I am hoping there will be another……..of course we will totally see the next one whenever that may be!

Watch Jeremy Kick some butt

But my pick for best summer blockbuster? The Dark Knight Rises for sure…… if you had to pick just one of these go Batman all the way!!!!!

Happy Back to the grind Monday!

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