Memories Take 2!

So, I have told you all that the past week I focused on our basement (the storage part) where I organized and labeled tubs…..tubs that really hold our lives. Sometimes the walk down memory lane was fun, sometimes nostalgic and other times sad. But luckily for you all I snapped a few more pictures to share with you!!!!

In elementary school they have an arts contest every year where you can enter a poster, poem or short story. I always entered but it looks like one poster from 4th grade made the journey with me! This years theme was “Imagine That” and………..I wanted to be a dancer…………….imagine that?

 Now this gem was found in a folder alone with childhood notes from friends, my cabbage patch adoption letter and apparently I loved Wham…..what can I say, I didn’t know George Michael would grow up to be a sketchy adult! Enjoy…….does that make you wanna buy the tape?

 This is an actual mini-book that I made in 1st grade (I think) and what else would be my subject but an animal………….I was a publishers dream! HA!

 Somethings don’t change though……my handwriting looks the same! HA! And of course this was a true story, my first memoir at a young age! (It was a whopping 5 pages long)

 This was my first year as a Cheerleader, this looks like 4th grade to me. I have danced since age 2 1/2 but cheerleading started later…………. And yup, I always had hair and lots of it!

 This is mortifying…….this is Junior High (ala the same year the “Twinkies” incident happened) look at this outfit?! Look at that hair?! The things we do for the love of dance! I look thrilled huh?

 Fast forward to High School this was my Senior Prom and my hair was very Haute Couture if I do say so!!! The braids and rhinestones are ahead of their time! (1/2 way serious there)

Now out of order… is my Junior year prom, sadly I was that stupid girl who broke up with my date 2 weeks before prom and we still had to go together! haha! This was a borrowed dress and I had matching red sequin shoes!

Now switching gears to this cutie-patootie Matt…………..he starting out working the grown man polo attire at an early age! You think he was selling some insurance in this pic?

 And yup, Matt was like me …here he is surrounded by baby weenie dogs and we now have 2.

 Uh-oh!!! Pin-up style………… out ladies!

 And lastly, have you seen anything cuter? Matt also had a ton of hair and Matt’s sister Jennifer was so adorable I want to squeeze her……..

I hope this made you smile or chuckle……..Happy Tuesday friends!


  1. Practical Traci
    August 14, 2012 / 1:12 pm

    Awe! Love the baby weenies!

  2. Amy
    August 14, 2012 / 4:15 pm

    So precious! I remember in youth group all of us younger girls talking about how pretty you were and how perfect you always looked. And of course you're still gorgeous and have the best fashion sense!

  3. Jen Savage
    August 14, 2012 / 8:43 pm

    Weenies make me happy :]And I am glad my parents had enough sense to cover up my five-head with bangs at a young age.

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