Machine Gun Preacher

Oh Monday……I am sorry to say I didn’t miss you, why must you always come back so soon? Did you all have a good weekend? You know, I did until yesterday…..I had a huge migraine. Since the move I have been tracking my migraines better and every time it storms here I get one. Must be the pressure change….so right on schedule yesterday came the storm and my migraine. 

*** I originally had my review for Total Recall here but after reading this post back I removed it …I wanted all the focus to be on the movie below*****

 Ok, last night I rented a movie on Demand and for a few weeks I always hover over this movie Machine Gun Preacher so last night finally I hit “rent”. I am not sure why this movie hasn’t and won’t be in theaters especially with all the recent light being shed on Joseph Kony. Kony is a central theme in this TRUE life movie…..

 I won’t be able to accurately tell you what this movie is about so watch the trailer…………….

That preview makes me emotional, stirs up something in my heart and calls me to action.
Let me start this “review” by saying is more killing justified in God’s eyes? A means to an end? Does the bloodshed get out weighed by the good in the end result? I am sure this could be easily up for debate and I will leave that you. Also this movie is rated….R. An R movie with a Christian message? This is the true story of Sam Childers life….the drugs, violence and language are part of that, part of who Sam was and part of the atrocities that happen to the people of Sudan.

I loved this movie, I truly loved and was moved by this story. This story shows you that God loves and forgives anyone…people forget that, that ONE person can make a difference and that you can turn your life around no matter how bad you think it is. This one man didn’t pick the easy path, he didn’t stay in his comfort zone and I 100% believe that God not only changed him but God had this as a path for Sam. I liked this movie so much I looked up his website this morning but I bought his book (HERE)
I highly recommend this movie…..movies like this make me think I should do more.?! I should step out from behind my blog and truly do more.? I volunteer, I sponsor a lovely woman Rosine who lives in Africa, I try to shed light on issues via my blog but is it enough? Sam does more and I have a friend from HS Tara who gave up her life and she now lives in Africa, she is making a difference. Things like this (movie) make you think about your own life and the purpose God has for me and you. This movie isn’t sunshine and roses……people struggle even when they serve the Lord.

Friends, I am sorry to get all heavy on a Monday morning but I am speaking from my heart. Have you seen this movie? Thoughts? Let me know if you see it and what you think. To check out Sam Childers website, learn more about the children or to donate you can click HERE. or just visit  

I have ordered a shirt….it’s a start. 

“Hope is the greatest weapon of all”

Here is a clip of the real Sam Childers talking about Sudan……….


  1. Jodie
    August 7, 2012 / 2:36 pm

    I've heard soooo much about this movie!! I'm just waiting until my local Red Box gets it!!You are gonna love Gone Girl!!!! What amazing book!! I just started Where We Belong!

  2. Becky
    August 9, 2012 / 3:17 am

    I've never even heard of this movie…I am going to have check it out now. Thanks.

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