Are you ready for this???

First of all are you all ready for this post??? Ready for a picture overload? Ready to laugh at me? Don’t worry I am laughing with you.

Second, I want to update you on my work situation… company is currently on hold and so therefor I am in between projects. I am trying to take advantage of this time by decorating the house and then yesterday I started to tackle a huge project:

Scrap booking the last 6 years of our life, Organizing the basement and sorting keepsakes. I will say I am so lucky that the finished portion of our basement is so big that I have set up 2- 5ft tables to work on……and all I have to do is walk thru a door to be in our semi-finished portion that I am organizing! Below is my work space and Oscar looks as overwhelmed as I am………

 Sorting thru Matt and I’s childhood I found some hidden gems I want to share with you and the funny thing is some of these pictures explain a lot I may have grown up but I am still the same. Here is me and my brother Curtis cheesing it up and I am wearing rabbit ears………..

 Here is my Mom and I getting our tan on……..yup, my mom has permed bangs but I can’t judge from the age of like 10-14 I too permed ONLY my bangs. EEK! Where did this wonderful tan skin go?

 Look at this picture……..I mean how awesome my 3 year old self is holding and loving on a black cat. And unintentionally 18 years later my black cat Isabella was my first pet on my own. You can just see me falling in love with animals in this picture. It is so sweet.

 And here is another one……looks like I loved reading my whole life. Those are my moms glasses and I look so pleased and content huh? Fast forward 28 YEARS and every night I still read with my glasses on in bed……things don’t change too much do they?

 Yes, I have always been a ham…………………

 And I was graced with a HUGE full head of hair from like birth (no, really) and sponge rollers were my best friend growing up. Should we bring them back? HA!

 And yup, looks like I always liked to perform…. here I am rocking a strawberry shortcake outfit playing with my Dad’s sound equipment. My Dad loves this picture… Testing 1 2 3

 Now we are FAST forwarding to age 13……………… Who thinks I should send this in to Ellen’s segment “HOT GLAM GIRL”???? Yup, Glamour Shots………….Don’t act like you don’t have some hidden somewhere too.

I think this was my “casual” Glamour Shot………….Yup, I am ready to party……….

 Ok, NOW I have a real treat for you……….years AGO I blogged this story without the photographic evidence to back it up and well, I found it yesterday. This is hands down the MOST mortifying moment of my life. (Sorry Mom) Junior High in Oklahoma was 7-9 grade and that is the big time for anyone….. you are finally a Teen and you are joining all the other kids from all the elementary schools and starting out as a 7th grader. I was a HUGE loser for all 3 years who didn’t have many friends and this might of added to the problem……….Behold my 7th Grade Year Book…….

 And if you turn to page 4, yes PAGE 4 you will find this story………………. Notice that headline “Twinkies”

 And this is the picture that was printed in the year book!!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP, not only did my Mom dress us alike to my 7th Grade orientation but we were wearing MATCHING painted (homemade) sunflower shirts AND……and broom skirts to match. Do you remember those? If not, good. If you also notice we had matching “1/2 up french braids” AND matching earrings. I mean wowzah! When the yearbook came out at the end of the year I wanted to die. WHO in their right mind as a 12 going on 13 year old matches her Mommy for your first Junior High event? You can’t make this stuff up!!!!!!!

I hope I gave you all a good laugh because when I found this yesterday it gave me a good laugh.  You are very welcome! My my have times changed….I was the oldest and my excuse was I didn’t know better but lucky for me my siblings didn’t have to go thru things like this! haha! I steered them in the right direction! And oh ya, there is more where this came from! Ok, I am off to get buried in memories.


  1. Ashleigh Nichole
    August 5, 2012 / 4:45 pm

    Such sweet photos 🙂 good luck on the scrapbook! I love doing them they are so much fun….

  2. Jodie
    August 7, 2012 / 2:38 pm

    LOVE it!!! You were such a cutie! Love the blonde hair… but being a brunette suits you very well!!

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