The Dark Knight Rises

Let me right away start off by saying how deeply sad I am for all the victims and their famlies of the Colorado shooting. I can not even imagine the horror they went thru in that movie theater. Such a terrible tragedy and there is a special place for the guy who did that, if you know what I mean. 

Now switching gears completely I AM going to give you all my review of the Dark Knight……..

This movie was absolutely EPIC!!!! This movie was literally a masterpiece….not only was the cast perfection but it was so visually stunning. Just trying to wrap my head around how Christopher Nolen pulled off a movie of this magnitude makes my head hurt. The story line perfection, the emotions were real and the ending……amazing. I know that is some praise huh? If you have never seen the past 2 then this won’t be as good for you, you are not invested like I was… but for fans of the trilogy this is the best ending to a trilogy I have ever seen. Let me say something it is PG-13, I know kids like Batman but my personal opinion is that it really is 13 and UP! I do not know how any kid would know what was going on, it is very dark and voilent. So it just confused me all the 8 and under kids in the movie.?!
Anyways, Ann Hathaway killed it as Cat Woman….her story line made sense and although I was leery she wiped away any doubt I had once I watched it. Christian Bale IS Batman, he is so good I feel like he just might be Bruce Wayne in real life. Bane AKA Tom Hardy was unrecognizable as a truly terrifying villain….brillant. But honestly my favorite was Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character Blake, as the honest cop. OK Ok …I could go on and on BUT I don’t want to give anything away and yes, there are major things to give away. I will leave you 1 tidbit keep your eyes peeled for cameos.
BEST movie I have seen ALL year hands down.
Here is the goose bump inducing trailer……………

Did you see The Dark Knight this weekend? Thoughts…..some ending huh?

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