More Decor…..

Since the magic painting fairy hasn’t shown up yet to repaint my house I have forged thru and decorated anyway. It’s weird though….in the pictures the walls look even lighter than they do in real life. But It makes me SO excited…..when we get our dark wood floors it will really warm everything up and even make the wall color richer. (when? who knows…want to contribute to the fund?)

First up I got a new rug for the eat in kitchen……..I love it, it is a tad small but rugs cost mucho money and this was on a clearance sale! Have I told you that this kitchen table I bought for $199 when I was 22 for my first apartment, sure has held up nicely!

 Last Monday our new Pottery Barn sectional and coffee table were delivered………love it! We are waiting for our sofa table and hallway table to be delivered sometime next week along with our new hutch for the formal dining room!!! Eventually this living room will have the wood floors and a nice rug to tie everything together!

Matt asked me what my deal was lately with wall words and baskets…….answer? They are a lovely AND inexpensive way to decorate they are always on sale somewhere!!! Most of the wall words are good quality and they really look custom!

 This is our upstairs loft…..I added curtains to give the room a more finished look while not covering the beautiful window! We have a TV and entertainment center that will go in here ( to the left)….so when guests come they will have their own living space, bedroom and bathroom all upstairs! And these “greenish” sofa and love seat came from Matt’s first home and they work fine for us still.

 So….we are in process of working on the formal dining room……this is 1 coat and I LOVE it! On top of the second coat we are going to use Martha Stewart “Linen” glaze to give this wall a rich texture! I know it is kinda shocking….but trust me, the end product will be great!

 YAY! I finally have something on the kitchen wall……It is a pretty big wall and we still have room to the left to do more (maybe shelves?)! But I love these “vintage” posters and the color they bring to the room. All 3 of the posters have touches of yellow which tie everything together!!

 So last week I focused on the guest room, it isn’t perfect but I wanted to make the most of it using what I have………no need to go out and redo everything and spend the money?. Ya know? The only new things here are the bookshelf which I got at Big Lots for $19 and the crosses that I got 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby! This bedspread I am not in love with but all in due time….plus, this was a gift from my Dad’s Mom for Christmas 3 years ago before she passed.

 This is the chester drawers across from the bed and all the decor I got for free with Kohls bucks……simple just like I like….

 All three of these we had (the Love is from my sister-in-law she made it for us) and I wanted to give these a fresh look by stacking them by the closet…..

 And here is the “gallery” wall…….everything looks so small and dinky in these pictures… reality this is a very nice sized wall and shelfs that really add to the room. The good thing about a gallery wall like this is that you can add on whenever you want or when you find a bargain!

So that is what I have been up too this week!!! Happy Saturday friends…..stay cool! (Literally, it will be 103 today)


  1. Carly Ann
    July 8, 2012 / 3:35 am

    I love it all! It's looks great. I think the little dining nook is so cute and I love the way the yellow placemats give it a bright feel.

  2. Becky
    July 11, 2012 / 6:40 pm

    I love, love, love EVERY bit of it!

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