Lets Catch Up….

Hi Friends! Monday already??? I hope everyone had a nice weekend! Mine was, just ok too quick. Last Friday if you remember we had Matt’s office cookout for about 35 agents and their staff….and sadly, I was so busy I forgot to take any pictures! We grilled Brats, Hotdogs and burgers…..I made pasta salad and a cake….we had chips, drinks and the whole shibang. It was a lot of work on both of our parts but when everyone came and told Matt how impressed they were with the office so far it made it all worth it! 

After we cleaned up we went to the Ohio State Fair for some grub and to see a concert!!

 Funny thing is, I wasn’t really thinking about the weather when I planned this…..95 with NO shade or breeze was miserable! No joke I had a melt down (literally) so to cool off Matt and I rode the monorail back and forth a few times! It was fun and this is the closest you will ever see me to an actual “ride”

 We ate a ton of really healthy food………….. bahahahaha, actually maybe the calories we burned hoofing it all around the fair to find a cinnamon roll canceled the actual roll out? I would like to think so ! (wink wink)

 Around 7pm we headed to the arena where we saw The Doobie Brothers and Chicago!! My 5th time to see Chicago and 2nd for the DB…..remember I saw them with my parents this last April! It was such a relaxing and enjoyable show! Matt didn’t know much about the DB but when we left we both agreed that this time they really put on a better show than Chicago! Luckily both bands played all my favorite hits!

 I am super excited about my concert shirt (why are they so expensive?)! By the time we got home and looking back onto the crazy day we had we literally collapsed into bed!

SO changing subjects, I am still walking about 4 times a week…….a fast walk and I am walking about 2miles in under 30minutes. Which is a great start, I actually get up and want to go so that is a giant step in the right direction for me!!!!! Funny me talking about this while I just talking about hoovering a cinnamon roll…oh well!

I didn’t get to see Step Up this weekend, hopefully I can fit it in one day this week….did anyone see it? And??? This week Total Recall comes and I am excited about that. Can you believe that this week will be August? Where does the time go???? GUESS WHAT?? My family is coming to visit on Labor Day! That is only a little over 1 month away! I am so excited!

Well, have a great day…be back later!

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  1. Becky
    July 30, 2012 / 10:17 pm

    I'm so glad your fam is gonna visit you.And that pic pof Matt…has he lost weight? Or is it just the angle of the pic?

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