Coming along…..

Since I have been in Columbus I have really been trying to make our house a home. Sure, we have big things we want to do… to save but I realized in the meantime there is no reason I should not be thrifty and use what we have. I hate having things “un-done” so everything I am doing will be permanent but I make sure it will go with wood floors and painted walls! I actually decided last week what to do with the huge wall in our kitchen dining area….I have ordered 3 “french/vintage/food” posters that I will frame and they will look great I think! I am accenting our black and white kitchen with yellow and then continuing the flow into the living room I am adding in pops of yellow, red and other Tuscan colors!! We are “Classic/clean/modern with touches of French Flair” LOL….truth!

I changed out our black place mats for yellow and I am excited that after combing the internet for days I found a deal on a wonderful 6 foot round yellow/cream damask rug that is on it’s way!!!

 We switched out all the weird stained glass knobs in the kitchen for brushed nickel ones…..what a difference that has made!! Thanks Matt for fixing that up for us!

 And lookie…..I found this lovely valance on Etsy….I love it!! It is simple, modern and a pop of much needed color in the middle of our kitchen!!

 So while Matt was out on appointments last Thursday I got a hankering to re-do the master….the room I hated the most! Ya, it’s stupid to hate a room for being too big but I was at a loss what to do to make this room “homey”……….Yes, I still hate the white carpet and we have plans to paint the walls a warm taupe…but with HUGE cathedral ceilings that isn’t a project we will start soon.
SO I thought what the heck, I am gonna fix it up and we can always take things down again to paint!
And ….so you know moving an entire bed alone is a lot of work!!!!! I was about to drop-kick the mattress!

 I changed the wall the bed was, it is now in the middle of the 2 windows. And man, by putting things on the walls it really anchored the room. HUGE huge difference…………….. I just re-framed the poster over the bed which use to be over our fireplace mantle in our Okc house!!!

 Thanks to Pinterest I copied our Marriage License and “Modge-podged” it onto a wood S!!! This actually took me a long time and now I wish I would of copied it onto cream paper but whatever….

 I got this frame on clearance, used scrapbook paper and painted the key to our first home……our home in Oklahoma. Turned out pretty great once again thanks to pinterest!

 So…….I don’t have a bookshelf in the master anymore and after racking my brain of what to do….. I got this basket for $9 at Marshall’s + $1 frame = WHAM fun book basket!! So cute huh? At least I think so….it’s right by the bed perfect for late night reading!

 The new chocolate rug was also on clearance at Marshall’s, I was hoping it would give that awful white carpet some warmth!!!  That cute heart/tree Matte also came from……you guessed it!!! Actually, the chairs and everything is from Marshall’s. (Yup, it’s right by my house and my new FAV store) Just imagine what this will look like when we ever get around to painting!!!!!! And thanks blogger friends for telling me to do a “gallery wall”….you gave me this idea, which I actually used on 2 walls…….

 This is the other gallery wall across from my bed, we already had the 2 outer framed pictures and I added the 2 in the middle!!! It makes me happy! Eventually we will more than likely add a small shelf or something below these pictures.

This wall is in the bedroom above our whicker hampers by the bathroom. I liked the idea of being able to add pictures and use this space to display things that mean something…………

 And lastly, I know according to decorators you are not suppose to have a TV out but there is nowhere else for it to go!!!! (And I like TV) That Faith sign was the first thing up on the wall in the master, my best friend Becky made it for me…..every time I see it, it reminds me of home.

So that is what I was up to last week………Now, instead of hating the master…I smile every time I walk in knowing I did it all myself (Thanks to Command strips) and on a dirt cheap budget!! It may not be perfect but that is what makes it us.


  1. The Burtons
    July 2, 2012 / 5:43 pm

    Ok you have inspired me to decorate! Ha! Our master is huge too and we haven't done anything to it! Our house needs some major decorating and "warming up"….when we moved in I was on bedrest and then the twins have kept me busy! Anyways, going to steal some ideas including the marriage license thing- I pinned this too!

  2. Crystal Clear As Mud
    July 2, 2012 / 9:10 pm

    You know I LOVE yellow, so I totally love all the yellow accents you're doing! And I LOVE the "S" in your room, I might have to do a "Z" like that! Plus, I love all the "gallery walls," you've really made that master bedroom fit for you and Matt! Glad you're making your new home so homey! Miss you lots!

  3. Becky
    July 2, 2012 / 9:42 pm

    I love it all. Especially the things you've made. Love the key, and the "S" and I cannot wait to see the yellow rug. You have done such a beautiful job!

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