Work Shcmwork…..

 From the moment my Mom and I rolled into the new home on Saturday we all worked non-stop until Tuesday morning……and we are still a long way from finished! Matt and his dad did the heavy lifting while my mom and I were the unpackers… can see what a help the weenies were (above) LOL! Sadly, our gas did not get turned on and it was Memorial weekend so for 4 days we all showered in what seems like a burning ice shower! It was awesome! NOT

 I have to be patience I tend to want everything to be perfect right away (who doesn’t?)……we are getting some new furniture, hardwood floors and what not so in the meantime I have to be happy with the way everything is. We have been looking at paint colors also the last few days to freshen up the place! SO I will be excited to share with you all what we do and how the house will change over the coming months!

 For 3 days straight we worked sun up to sun down then we all collapsed into bed. Matts dad had to fly home Monday night and my mom stayed until Thursday morning, both of those goodbye’s were hard. I tried so hard to b strong for my Mom when I dropped her off at the airport but the hug we shared was powerful and it was one of the hardest things I have ever done…….for 31 years we see each other several times a week so breaking that “cord” was devastating.
Back to something lighter………  On Tuesday & Wednesday Mom and I took a break and we went sight-seeing and shopping together. I didn’t want her whole trip to be work…..I will share with you all what we did those days later this week! And BIG thanks to my girlfriends Nicole and Corie who told me where to go and what to eat! Kudos!

 OK, going back to Sunday Mom and I went to target to get a “few” things…….holy cow is right. (Ignore the tampons)…….we are starting over….we have nothing in our fridge or pantry due to the crazy move were we not able to take anything. Also we have more space now which means more things! HAHA! Doesn’t it always?

 This is our formal dining room with the ugliest paint ever……….since we don’t have a table yet it is currently the box holding room! I am thinking of painting this deep barn red or a Tuscan terra cotta?? Both will go with dark hardwood floors I think.

 I am going to do another post today and give you a tour of our new home…so check back! I want to again thank my Mom and Matt’s Dad….we could not have done it without you!

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  1. Becky
    June 5, 2012 / 2:27 pm

    I'm sure that Target total was pretty pricey! But you will have that house filled up in no time!

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