NBA Finals……

Hi Guys!! So I am sure a lot of people thought I was crazy to fly home so soon to attend a NBA game but there are many reasons! 

1. This is the NBA finals, I mean this is HUGE! I have been lucky enough to have attended NBA Games, a NFL Game, MLB, PGA, The World Series and now the NBA Finals…….so it looks like all I need to go to is the Super Bowl!!! Professional sporting events are so much fun!!!

2. This picture below is of Matt and I (with my parents) at the very FIRST Thunder game 4 years ago! Yes, look at my bangs and how skinny I was…..WOW! But my family…..we have loved the Thunder since the first game and someone from my family (we have 4 season tickets) has been at 99% of the games! We love this team!!!

I was sad that Matt was unable to come……..we don’t know anyone to house sit our dogs and we didn’t have a 5th ticket…..he was ok with it and encouraged me to go!

 I think that until you see the “Finals” banners everywhere you can easily forget that this is IT! I mean Oklahoma City made it……this is so exciting for our city! I loved that all of downtown had Thundered Up!!!

 Downtown was crazy and crazy HOT! I swear I might of sweated off a few pounds!!! (If Only)

 Marissa and I getting ready to watch the team come out to warm up!!!!!  I can’t wait until she gets to come up to Columbus to see me and where I live!

 These shirts were so fitting…….Team is Family! And my family??? We had such a great time…….it makes me miss them even more. If only my new town could transplant itself into Oklahoma!

 Lebron…………….And Chris Bosh has been the talk of Facebook…on what he looks like……my vote?? I think he looks like a Baby T-Rex! Look it up! hahaha

 Our boys and their pre-game prayer! Thunder Up!

 It was so neat watching Game 1 on ABC then being there for the next game……we are so lucky too our seats our in Section 109 which is lower level!!!

 Sara Evans sang the National Anthem and she was great!!! I think she is so pretty too!

 Its game time….its game time!!!!!!! Rumble ………..

 This is the start of the game jump ball…………….get it Serg!

 Wade, James, Bosh, Perk and Russell!!!!

 OU’s very own Adrian Peterson!!! Bill Hader from SNL was also there…….kinda neat!

 That is the ESPN suite, you can see Magic Johnson……they were 1 section over and up from our seats!

Even though we lost this game it was WELL Worth going!!!!! And the series isn’t over yet…….I think we have it in us!!!!! Fingers Crossed!!!!!

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  1. Mrs. Squish
    June 19, 2012 / 3:38 pm

    Hi. I've blog stalked you for a while (I'm friends with Jeana) but I had to comment solely on your "what does Bosh look like"…we took a poll in my house. 100% Turtle. Creepy.

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