Monday Musings……

Happy Monday everyone!!! So the house is coming together slowly but surely and it will continue that way unless I find a magic money tree or find more than 24 hours in a day! HA! But somethings are already in the works and I want to share!!! 

We have a big laundry room which I love, it is so different than having a closet in the hall like our old house. I wanted the room to be a room so thanks to Target Clearance I jazzed it up a bit!!! I added a little shelf unit with a lamp to start, this room connects to the garage so this way we don’t have to leave the big light on as we come and go. I added the fun wall decals too……..

 And who doesn’t want a Zebra rug in the laundry room??? The opposite wall also has the fun decals but will eventually also have a bench with some bins for a small “Mud Room” look!!! We also want to build a shelf on top of the washer and dryer to have more room to fold laundry!!! But hey, I love the progress and it makes it a little more fun to do laundry now!!

 OK…..don’t freak……but yes, that UGLY red “sponge” wall is what our dining room looks like now….YUCK! And I have been tossing around colors for awhile now…….I have always had red but wanted a change. So…..the more I thought about it I think….. GREEN! Now this is just a “test” spot with only 1 coat that I slopped on but I think it will work. It is Martha Stewart Caper Berry……It will be a bit darker than this but not quite Hunter Green.

Here is why it will work…….green is actually a great neutral……… will be perfect for fall, with fall colors…..pumpkins and the whole shebang! Green can take on so many looks……

 But then the green will look great for Christmas and all the Christmas decor thanks to Pinterest I will be putting up!!! And a tree will go great in that room complimenting the green walls!!!

 The green will also go with so many others color schemes…….Spring colors and summer brights! I think it will be “shocking” at first but once furniture goes in there and we get decor on the walls I think it will look nice!!! Martha Stewart also has a technique you can use to make the walls look like linen and I think I want to add that texture to the walls too….. Thoughts???????

Would you like to know what will go into that room??? I just ordered it all last week…….Here is the hutch I have wanted and pinned on Pinterest so many times from Pottery Barn and it is on SALE!!!!! The actual color is a bit darker than this picture and yes, I am dying to have that mirror too!!!

 Now, stay with me here and use your imagination…..This is the Pottery Barn Norfolk dining table and bench we just brought last week……………(Not those chairs) Well, this isn’t what we were going to look at but this line is being discontinued and we got the table AND the bench for the price of JUST the bench alone on the other table I wanted!!!!! I mean for Pottery Barn and the quality, size and look of this table the deal was TOO good to be true!  The matching hutch and chairs are no longer available, so we are mixing the woods but it will work I promise!

 This is the chair we will be adding and in that color (exact same color as the hutch). The look will be simple, classic and Shabby Chic! We set it up in the store and it all looks good together with the antique white and mahogany….it is different than what I had in my brain but I am excited about all of it! It will be a while until it is all done, we still have carpet in there to rip out but we bought everything while it was on sale and we will just keep it stored until the room it ready!

Can you all picture this? Or do you think I am crazy??? LOL


  1. Jodie
    June 25, 2012 / 2:20 pm

    Love the green!! I love the purple, gray, & green scheme!!

  2. Erin
    June 25, 2012 / 2:34 pm

    I think it's going to look amazing! I love when you mix the colors like that! 🙂 Can't wait to see it all finished!

  3. mistymadisonjo
    June 27, 2012 / 2:54 am

    YOU'RE HIRED. Come back to Oklahoma to decorate my house.

  4. Crystal Clear As Mud
    June 29, 2012 / 3:30 pm

    I love the green! And I agree that it will be a great neutral! BTW, our formal dining room chairs look almost exactly like that, only they're cherry wood and finish. So, obviously I like them, lol! Great minds think alike…or similarly! 🙂

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