Memorial PGA Tournament!

So last Sunday Matt and I got to do something really COOL! I think you all know by now we love going to sporting events and Matts new boss gave us 2 tickets to go to a real PGA Tourney!!!!

 This was held in Dublin, Ohio about 25minutes from us and it was a beautiful day……..

 They hold the Memorial Tournament every year and in fact next year this course will host the Presidents Tournament which Matt says is a huge deal!

 I am not a huge golf fan but I want to go to say I experienced it……and did I mention Tiger Woods was playing??????

 We went on Sunday which was the final round so it was packed!!!! And let’s just say I under estimated how exhausted I would be from walking a course like this! yikes!

 Everything was just perfect and Matt loves golf so it was nice to be able to share something like this with him!

 And here he is……..this is on the 7th hole……..Tiger Woods AND Ricky Folwer from Oklahoma!!! OSU to be exact……hence the ORANGE!

 You are not suppose to take any pictures at all so we tried to be sly……they were confiscating phones!

After this hole we ran to the “cross walk” where they walked to the 8th hole and we were 3 FEET AWAY! It was soooo cool! Definitely neat to see the best play right in front of us!

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  1. Becky
    June 8, 2012 / 8:52 pm

    That is such a neat, neat experience! I'm uber jealous.

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