I wanna ROCK!

My trip to Okc was quick just 2 days and I wanted to spent all my time with family, so Friday night we went to see Rock of Ages for an early Father’s Day! My sister was out of town so my cousin Brittany came to see the movie with us in the Warren Balcony! And yes, I miss that place!!!!! (weird, the picture below is blurry…that sucks)

 I treated everyone to the movie and dinner for my Dads Fathers Day gift! We all had the BEST time and when the movie was over we went to grab some gelato to cap off the night!

Now on to my review???? Oh-M-GEE!!!!!!! I loved loved loved it! I loved every single thing about this movie……….I loved everyone who was cast, I loved the songs, I loved the dancing, I LOVED the cameos and it was so funny! Literally watching this movie was for me like the mothership calling me home!!!!!!!! All four of us loved it so much we joked about immediately going to buy 4 more tickets to watch it again!!!!!!! And in fact we went right to Walmart and bought the soundtrack!
Tom Cruise is amazing…..I mean the way he performed I would totally pay to go see him as “Stacee Jaxx”!!!! If you don’t like this movie then we can’t be friends! LOL
Here is the trailer………………….

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  1. Becky
    June 24, 2012 / 10:12 pm

    I can't wait to see it and get the soundtrack!

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