Update ONCE again…..

OK….Are you ready for this? Let me preface that I am not meaning to complain or be negative but honestly this is my life and I am only sharing the truth. Yes, I feel beat down and a tad pessimistic but I think that is a fairly normal emotion to have regarding the on-going-saga that is my life.

So….My animals are at the vet, my mail is being held, my job is hold on as is my paycheck, my U-Hual is loaded and costing me $$ everyday (reasonable-ish) and I am living at my parents. Our real estate contract expires tomorrow and we have no closing date….why? Well besides the fact that I very much dislike everyone we are working with in Ohio this is the problem-o………

Matt and I are both 1099 (self-employeed) and it is hard to get a loan in this market but yesterday we were finally DONE and approved with the exception of one condition……(dun dun dunnnmnnn)

1. Tax Transcript

What? Exactly……….1 Month ago today I paid our taxes (we are 1099 and owed a crap-load) and all of my checks were cashed 5 days later and stamped on the back by the IRS. I have given those copies to the mortgage company along with my bank statements for the MILLIONTH time. The transcript is on the IRS side and will note if we are “delinquent” or paid up….I mean that must take a long time to update every single persons records……..1-3 months I am told. And we can NOT close until our transcript reflects that. So we have called the IRS and done everything on our part and now we WAIT! The sellers are pissed and I would be too……they might put the house back on the market but hopefully we will wrap this up before anyone else would try to buy it. So yes, that is what is happening. It makes me livid and livid that it is out of my hands. (control freak?!)

Second, I made the HUGE mistake of saying out loud “What more could happen to me”??????? Well, that call came about 2 hours ago…………..

Isabella is my “first born” she is 10 and I found her inside a box outside of Wal-mart while I was in college. I love her more than words could express and it is already killing me that she is at the vet being boarded. We got her groomed today and they found something………………. they found a lump. “It might be nothing” they say……….but I could tell in their voice by the way they were talking slow and quite how concerned they were. They think it is cancer,

So tomorrow Bella will go under the knife and have the lump removed and it will be sent to pathology….we should get results by Monday. I am so sad she is going thru this and all the while she is not at home where she feels safe. I am devastated and in denial. Some of you might think I am crazy to have her biopsied but I don’t care…..and no matter the results I will do whatever it takes to ensure the quality and length of her life. And it still might be nothing it might….we will see. 

I just keep getting knocked down every time I try to get up. My animals? I love them more than I love myself. Truth. 

I will keep you all update with EVERYTHING! 

Isn’t Isabella beautiful? I love her, I am sad this is happening to her and I miss her so much. My life is upside down right now and I am ready to put it back together. And all of this may sound petty compared to things in other peoples lives or whatnot but this is my life. My life.


  1. Traci green
    May 15, 2012 / 10:47 pm

    Nicole, being in the mortgage business, I can tell you, the tax transcript is a normal requirement for 1099 people (thans to all of the fraud that caused the mtg industry to crash 6 yrs ago)….so, again, its not just you. The transcripts are more to proove the copies of your return you gave your lender arent fraudulent, and that what you gave them matches what the Irs has. Ive never seen it take that long, but Weeks is possible.Good luck!

  2. Anonymous
    May 16, 2012 / 4:34 pm

    Just take a breathe and know that it is all part of gods plan. Just think-had everything went smoothly, your cat wouldn't have been at the vet and the lump wouldn't have been discovered. Remain Positive!!!

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