Movie Schmovies….

I have seen a few movies over the last couple of weeks and I have forgotten to tell you all about them! I know how you all must of been holding your breathe for my movie reviews! HAHA!

Lets jump on it……….Unless you live under a rock then you know that the Avengers is like the biggest movie ever or something like that!! And……… is well deserved!! I have seen this twice and I loved every minute! I love a big blockbuster and I love that this action movie that has comedy in it also! You wont be disappointed with this movie at all……..The hard part is picking my favorite Avenger!

But speaking of disappointment…….say hello to Dark Shadows! I am not sure if my expectations were too high or maybe just the fact that the only funny parts were in the previews! And it wasn’t because I don’t know the original show this was based off of…..because my parents do and they were disappointed also!  Now I will say Johnny Depp was amazing like always but it was the story that was stupid and there was no point. I think this is a renter for sure!

 And speaking of another renter………………… The 5 Year Engagement. Ok, so I thought this was a funny romantic comedy and I picked this out to see for my Birthday but it was really a depressing. I mean I have talked to several people and we all feel the same about this extremely disappointing movie…..and I love these two actors! Boo! I am not sure I will even rent this again when it comes out……boring. And there is a reason why it takes them 5 years to get married and it isn’t good.

 Now lets get back on the positive bandwagon………The Lucky One! So….I have never been a Zack Efron fan but all that changed with this movie. Hello, Zack you are officially a grown up! I read this Nicholas Sparks book and loved it but it has been over a year since, so the details were a bit fuzzy for me. But I loved this movie, I loved everything about it. This is a great romantic comedy and this has such a strong military presence it really added depth. I just loved this movie and you will too even if you have not read the book!

I have said this over and over and I will say it again………. I love movies for so many reasons but especially right now I love the escape that they provide! It is a break from reality and who doesn’t need one of those?

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  1. Carly Ann
    May 17, 2012 / 5:10 am

    I hate it when movies have such a build up in the previews and you think the whole thing is going to be greet, but then you realize that you've already seen the good stuff for free on the previews.

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